How to Reach Out for Help with Addiction

The fact that you are on this page now, searching for information on this topic, is a sure sign that in some shape or form, addiction to alcohol and/or drugs is affecting your life in a negative way. At the beginning of a budding drug or alcohol addiction, it can seem like the negative consequences are few, only for them to grow over time and slowly cause you to start considering if you really do have a problem. Admitting to yourself that you may have an addiction can also be a perpetual obstacle to climb.

You see, if you admit it to yourself, you make it real and you have to do something about it. If you continue on without admitting to yourself that you have a problem, you continue on in your addiction and the problems will continue to pile up until everything in your life is beyond your control—and completely unmanageable. It’s better to be honest with yourself now; and realizing that addiction is not a moral failure is a good place to start, because it takes the stigma away that can prevent you from seeking the help you need and deserve. Now about the signs that signal a problem.

To put it plainly, the most common signs of addiction are cravings, physical dependence, tolerance, withdrawal symptoms, poor judgment, drug-seeking behavior, financial problems, neglecting responsibilities, negative friendships, and isolation. We encourage you to honestly evaluate each sign and see if it applies to you.

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What to Look for in Treatment

When you’re looking for treatment, you must consider first the options that are available to you. The first step is seeking out a drug and alcohol treatment center that accepts your medical insurance. No matter what type of insurance you have, you want to try to look for a treatment center that is reputable. You can do a quick online search or call the treatment center directly with any questions. When dealing with an addiction to alcohol or drugs, inpatient treatment is always the recommended way to go.
It may be tempting to try to go to an outpatient treatment program at first but consider that most people who are struggling with an addiction need at least 90 days in treatment to reap the positive benefits. In many cases, an addiction specialist can assess your individual needs and let you know what program would best work for you—depending on your needs that could be inpatient, or outpatient. But what if you don’t have insurance? Or what if you only have state insurance?

Remember, there is still help out there and there are many programs available. There are also online communities and recovery advocates that can seek out scholarships for you. The most important thing you can do for yourself is to reach out and ask for help.

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How to Reach Out

Once you have confirmed that you will be seeking treatment, there are several ways that you can reach out for help. The first is by doing a simple online search for treatment centers. Many treatment centers have addiction specialists standing by waiting to take your call. These specialists can help walk you through the process of entering into treatment and will answer any questions you have regarding specific facilities.

The next thing you should do is contact those around you who can offer you support and help. Often, the stigma and shame that comes along with addiction causes us to isolate and perhaps even try to do things on our own. Reach out to your supportive family, or friends; if you’re part of an active church community, or know of any spiritual leaders, ask them for guidance.

Do not despair if you don’t find something immediately but be patient and continue your search. Making sure that you follow through and get yourself the treatment you need and deserve is the most important and responsible thing you can do for yourself. Don’t give up until you find a reputable treatment center that is able to help you overcome the addiction your facing—because no one can do it alone!

Don’t Be Afraid

Going into drug and alcohol treatment for the first time can be scary. If you need inpatient treatment, you will have to leave your home and loved ones for a certain period of time to get help. The truth is, the small amount of time that you will spend in treatment is nothing in comparison to the healthy and happy years that you will have ahead of you! Your time in treatment is literally just a snippet of your life, and in the end, you’ll be better for making and sticking with the decision to go. Perhaps you’ve already been down this road before and are convinced that treatment won’t work. I mean, you’ve tried it before and nothing came of it, so why is it going to work this time?

For many struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, recovery wasn’t successful on the first go-around either. The most important thing you can do is be courageous, brave, and give it another shot! Getting help for an addiction is scary, but it’s nothing in comparison to what your life will be like if your addiction to drugs and/or alcohol continues to progress! Save yourself and your loved ones from the heartache and get the help you need and deserve.




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