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The Negative Impact of Substance Abuse on Health and Wellness

Why is Health & Wellness Important in Your Recovery?

It is no secret that drugs and alcohol take a toll on an individual’s health and wellness. Depending on which substance is abused, the effects will vary, and during active addiction, health and wellness are usually neglected.

Therefore, A Better Today understands that health and wellness must be restored in those who are in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

Studies have shown that getting proper nutrition and restoring your body to its normal metabolic functions can improve mental health and lower the risk of relapse. Drugs such as stimulants for example, cause dehydration, low blood sugar, and a poor diet which in turn can trigger drug cravings.

We believe in a holistic form of recovery that addresses each one of your needs including your needs of health and wellness. We also encourage you to do some research yourself and find out why health and wellness should be an integral part of drug and alcohol treatment.

A Better Today understands that getting you to a better state of health and wellness by a healthy diet, exercise, and another physical activity is going to improve your health, reduce cravings and triggers, and ultimately give you a better chance at long-lasting recovery. Let us connect you to a rehab addiction treatment center today.

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