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Why Can’t I Just Stop Abusing Drugs & Alcohol?

When experimenting with drugs and alcohol becomes an addiction, there is no way you can just stop. After continuous substance abuse, your brain becomes dependent and the illusion of choice is removed. I know you know exactly what we are talking about, the withdrawals from alcohol & drugs.

The hallucinations, sweats, nausea, and violent tremors. Depending on the drug you are using, you may have felt so emotionally imbalanced that you may have even felt life was not worth living. This breakdown has made getting sober nearly impossible.

Effective detox treatment can help people manage their withdrawal symptoms. With the right medical staff, support, and medication you could overcome the fear of your withdrawals. Many people struggle with withdrawals and they cave in. It makes the next time harder to get clean and sober.

That ends now. ABTRS is here to help you find purpose in your life again. Living for your next fix is no way to live and fear from the pain of withdrawals should not be the reason to stay in active addiction.

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Is 28 Days of Substance Abuse Treatment Enough?

When someone who has a mild to moderate addiction, 28 days in treatment might be enough to help them turn their life around. However, someone who has a severe addiction will likely need more time in treatment. Addiction affects everyone differently. Why people start to abuse substances varies from person to person. More importantly, the trauma, permanent molecular changes in the brain, and the physical and mental damages active addiction leaves on a person is worth more than 28 days of treatment.

A Better Today Recovery Services believes in personalized plans where the progress of the patient dictates what is needed. For example, one patient could walk into treatment motivated to get clean because they believe in a better life than heroin.

Or a patient could walk in thinking that drugs will always be a metaphorical black cloud over their head. We believe each patient should learn about the origin of their addiction and realize that this disease does not have to run their whole life. Honestly, it is really up to you and we think you should give yourself a chance.

We can recommend lengths of stay that would be comprehensive and effective, but the real deciding factor is your doctor and your therapist. While you may aim for a shorter length of stay, there are benefits to a longer period of stay. Like improved mental wellness and stability.

A longer program of treatment also allows time for patients to address aspects of their lives that may have contributed to the continuation of addiction. Explore potential mental disorders from or before active addiction. Now is the time to focus on mind, body, and soul healing.

In a 90-day treatment period, the patient is given the much-needed time to chemically re-adjust in an environment that decreases outside stressors. For a positive step in the right direction, individualized treatment plans focus on making the first couple weeks of treatment as stress-free and comfortable as possible to help encourage building a strong foundation in your recovery.

Comprehensive and quality treatment doesn’t just happen in 28 days. Now is the opportunity to start over and rid yourself of this negative mindset that you deserve a life of substance abuse and drug seeking behavior. Call today, and we can help you find an addiction treatment program that works for you.

Common Co-occurring Disorders Influenced By Substance Abuse

Trauma is any event that causes an individual harm, whether physical, emotional, mental or other. The word trauma denotes a broad category of potential events and experiences. What causes trauma in one person may not affect another the same way. Everyone experiences trauma differently and handles the aftereffects in equally diverse ways.

Abuse is often traumatic to those who suffer it. Physical, emotional, verbal, or any other type of abuse can result in devastation to the person’s self-esteem, identity, outlook, functioning, as well as all other aspects of self. An abused person may experience life-threatening events on a regular basis, making daily activities centered around survival, not living.

The stress and strain of trauma is extremely detrimental. There is little to compare trauma to such that those who have not experienced it will understand. Those who are traumatized often experience significant problems as a result of those trials and tribulations.

We at ABTRS understand the need for relief from such horrors. Many people resort to using mood and mind-altering substances for relief from the pain, fear, and anxiety caused by trauma and abuse. The repeated use of such substances can easily lead to addiction, which in turn, can cause further trauma.

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Why is it Important to Seek Individualized Treatment for Your Substance Abuse Problem?

We understand that each person has their own unique history with substance abuse and a one-size fits all type of treatment program would miss the mark. A person abusing alcohol is going to have different experiences than a person who is addicted to heroin.

At effective addiction treatment centers, each patient has an assigned treatment team that keeps track of their progress and determines which programs will be effective for each individual.

Individualized treatment plans are comprehensive from stabilization to aftercare. Master-level therapists spend one on one time with our patients to uncover the roots of their addiction. Therapists keep track of each of their patient’s progress and will adjust their level of care depending on progress.

We are proud to offer patient-focused treatment that also focuses on family healing.

Investing in Your Recovery

No one ever wanted to grow up to be an addict. Indulging in drugs and alcohol always starts as a recreational thing to do. Partying with ecstasy, smoking Marijuana with friends, and of course those weekends at the bar with friends that left you blacked out drunk; this is where it all usually begins.

Making your drug and alcohol abuse habits a coping mechanism for life’s stressors is an unfulfilling way to live. The path of addiction is painstakingly difficult and costly. A Better Today Recovery Services understands the difficult choices you have to make when your addiction spirals out of control and begins to ruin your life. Financing and affording quality treatment should not be one of those difficult decisions that keep you from getting clean. Feeding your addiction day in and day out is an investment; one with little return and all risk.

Insurance Coverage

The Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act (MHPAEA) of 2008 states that group health plans and health insurance companies must provide the same level of benefits for mental and/or substance use treatment and services that they do for medical/surgical care. The Affordable Care Act expands the MHPAEA’s requirements by guaranteeing that qualified plans cover many behavioral health services and treatments.

Medical insurance is reasonably affordable these days and offers varying coverages for the following substance abuse treatment services:

Detoxification: Medical
Residential Treatment Care (RTC): Clinical/Therapy, Medical, Room & Board
Partially Hospitalization Plan (PHP): Clinical/Therapy, Continued Medical
Intensive Outpatient (IOP): Clinical/Therapy, Medical,


Saving lives and healing families; that is the foundation that A Better Today Recovery Services is built upon as it should for every drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. We are talking about second chances at a fulfilling life. We are talking about reclaiming the happiness and purpose that your life had before addiction came into the picture.

With A Better Today Recovery Services, we will not give up until we find you the right treatment you need. With the right planning and support from friends, family, and our addiction specialists, we can find a way for you to get clean and start living your life again. No one should have to spend their lifetime feeding an addiction. Talk to one of our addiction specialists to explore all the options for long-lasting recovery.

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Empowering You With Knowledge

Why Should I Travel for Treatment?

Traveling for treatment is a wise investment for your future because now more than ever you need it. Traveling for drug and alcohol treatment removes you from a destructive environment. Each patient’s experience with drug abuse is unique and often dangerously tragic. Effective addiction treatment removes the client from an environment that causes them great stress and accessibility to drugs or alcohol. We can help you find a safe and nonjudgmental environment for healing and self-reflection.

Drug and alcohol treatment begins with a comprehensive evaluation that will be the foundation of an individualized treatment plan. A Better Today Recovery Services will connect you with an individualized treatment program that is HIPAA-compliant and completely confidential the moment you speak with an addiction specialist.

Screening and treating co-occurring disorders and drug and alcohol addictions ensure each patient has the opportunity to heal both mentally and physically. Master-level therapists will get to the root of the patient’s addiction and that means offering a high level of respect and privacy during therapy sessions. Trust in ABTRS to help you find the care your loved one needs.

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Reliable Sources Matter to ABTRS

Getting information that you can trust in is difficult to come by in this day and age. It is vital to know where your information is coming from and whether or not it is a source you actually trust. When it comes to finding substance abuse treatment, you need reputable resources that are unbiased, not funded by organizations that could benefit from certain outcomes, and proven or tested to be effective. We pride ourselves on providing knowledge from reputable sources that are up to date and relevant. Check out the list below to learn more about where ABTRS got their information for this webpage.

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