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A Better Today Recovery Services is an industry-leading, evidience-based treatment facility that provides our patients a life-long lasting solution. We utilize a multitude of different therapies that have been proven to work in lives of many addicts. Our therapists are specialized in addiction counseling, trauma, and co-occurring disorders.

Drug and alcohol addictions are treated at ABTRS based on ASAM’s clinical definition of addiction in respect to the disease model of addiction. We work directly with the patient to develop a personalized treatment plan that is based on the their needs and history of substance abuse. We understand that addiction affects each individual in a different way, and there is not a one-size-fits all treatment for addiction. We work diligently in providing our patients with the necessary coping skills to live a long life of recovery.

Addicted Brain Workshop

At A Better Today Recovery Services, we understand the crucial role played by the family and friends of an individual in his or her addiction treatment and recovery. That’s why we’ve taken special care in designing a workshop for our families that reveal the mysteries behind addiction and how it so often becomes a destructive force in family systems.

This workshop answers families’ questions about their loved ones’ addictions, such as “Why won’t he stop drinking?” or “Why is she risking everything to continue abusing drugs?” Workshop participants learn about the disease of addiction and how the addicted brain drives disastrous thought patterns.

We care about our patients and their families. Families play an important role in healing one another as they regain their strength as a familial unit. For more information about our Family Weekend Workshops, give us a call.

Co-Occurring Disorders Workshop

Co-occurring disorders are a complex component of many addictions. When an addicted person is diagnosed with another mental health condition, these co-occurring disorders call for integrated treatment. Common co-occurring disorders include anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, depression, bipolar disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). 65 percent of people with addictions experience one of these or other mental health conditions. In this workshop, families become knowledgeable about important information regarding co-occurring disorders and how their symptoms affect addiction in individuals.

Our comprehensive networks treatment program addresses co-occurring disorder(s) that may be contributing to an addiction. Our goal for addicts to have long-lasting recovery from mental health disorders and for their families to live happy, healthy, and productive lives together. This opportunity for families to gain an understanding of co-occurring disorders and how they affect addiction is the beginning of a road to a brighter future.

Co-Dependency & Healthy Boundaries Workshop

The backbone of many treatment programs, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy focuses on the root of every addiction to ensure that the core of the problem is addressed. This type of therapy focuses on dual diagnosis, coping skills, and relapse prevention to help provide confidence when faced with stressors or cravings. Being prepared for anything after treatment is very important for a long-lasting recovery.

Communication Styles & Active Listening Workshop

Clear communication is of great importance in a family system, whether it’s functional or dysfunctional, but is usually one of the first things to break down when impacted by addiction. A Better Today Recovery Services is committed to helping addicts and their families regain this skill, as it’s crucial to healing family connections.

Handouts such as Avoidance and Safety Behaviors are utilized during this workshop, giving participants clear and organized notes to refer to in the future. Following these sessions, we’ve found that our families feel empowered to forgive each other, create healthy personal boundaries, actively listen, speak respectfully yet assertively, and help prevent relapses.

Healing begins in treatment and continues over time. This workshop is designed to give you a head start for a successful recovery, with pathways to respectful problem solving through clear communication with treasured loved ones.

Family Systems & Healthy Family Dynamic Workshop

Substance abuse takes a toll on the body by polluting your organs with toxins and deteriorating your muscle tissue. Muscle building, strength training, and yoga therapy during treatment could be a major benefit. Where treatment focuses on healing the mind and soul, healing the body is just as important. Providing comprehensive treatment that is personalized for your needs is the best way to ensure a long-lasting recovery.

Forgiveness & Acceptance Workshop

Drug and alcohol abuse is considered a family disease. Many recovering addicts develop life goals in treatment to mend the family relationships that have been destroyed by substance abuse. Family therapy sessions help mend these relationships, build a strong family support system, and help educate family members of all ages about addiction as a disease.


Aftercare Planning & Relapse Prevention Workshop

When drugs or alcohol have been your primary focus for years, your health and well-being tend to suffer. Encouraging healthy eating habits, providing hands on cooking techniques, and living an active life is just as important as any other treatment method. Having a balanced diet, mind, body, and soul ensures that each patient knows how to take care of themselves before venturing out into the real world.

The ABTRS Approach

Recovery From Substance Abuse

We understand that addiction is a cunning enemy and it has a way to affect many aspects of your life, this is why we use many different therapy models in our treatment of addiction. We want to get to the bottom of why our patients abuse substances. By using differing therapies, we are able to better understand where some of their desires to use come from and develop ways to help. They also act as an excellent way for our patients to express themselves without using words. Along with our therapies, we also provide our patients access to the 12-step community that has already helped countless people in their struggles with substance abuse. Our program has saved the lives of many people and has rebuilt many family relationships. Our primary purpose is provide patients and their loved ones with quality treatment, teach them helping coping mechanisms to prevent relapse and build a new life in recovery that is greater than they ever could have imagined.

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