How to Get Into Emergency Rehab [Definitive Guide]

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Reasons for Immediate Emergency Drug Rehab

Although there can be any number of situations where a person requires emergency drug rehab, this scenario typically occurs when a person with an addiction needs it due to a medical emergency or another form of serious, potentially life-threatening, or life-altering motivation.

That being said, some reasons are more frequently occurring than others, and each is an equally valid reason to seek emergency drug treatment.

The Most Common Reasons for Emergency Drug Rehab


When someone has an overdose, they typically require immediate medical assistance – often to save their life. Immediate rehab is necessary in this case, usually for one of two reasons.

First, the individual has lost all control over their substance use disorder, and not placing them in rehab could lead to further overdoses.

Second, the individual may be experiencing suicidal ideation, in which case rehab is necessary to save their life from themselves.

Rock Bottom

A common belief with substance use disorder is that a person cannot be helped until they reach rock bottom.

While this is not always the case, someone at rock bottom needs immediate assistance, especially if someone is unwilling to get treatment before hitting rock bottom.


This reason can be the most controversial and also be met with the most resistance.

However, if one feels it is in a person’s best interest to receive treatment, intervening and placing that person in immediate care may be the best option.


Whether it’s the loss of a job or a loved one, a person with substance use disorder who experiences an immense loss or might experience a loss may require immediate treatment.

Loss and negative emotions can make the addictive behavior worse, so immediate treatment may be the best option for their health and safety.


Figuring Out The Finances for Emergency Rehab

Fortunately, most plans in the United States must include coverage for mental and behavioral health services, including substance abuse treatment. However, the level of coverage can vary.

Each plan is different, and you’ll have to find out what your plan covers. If you call our number today, our admission specialist partners can help you obtain a Verification of Benefits (VOB). This document will have all of the information you need to begin the process of finding treatment.

If you do not currently have insurance through an employer or any of the larger insurance companies, your local state government – along with the federal government can help provide mental and behavioral healthcare, including treatment for substance abuse.

On a state level, for those under the age of 55, Medicaid is a great option to try. Medicaid will cover emergency rehab under very certain situations.

Every state Medicaid plan for emergency rehab is different. In Arizona, for example,  the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System is written as AHCCCS but referred to as “access.” AHCCCS is essentially Medicaid available for any Arizona residents who qualify, those living at or below the Federal Poverty Level.

If you think you may qualify for AHCCCS, apply and look into what treatment they may be able to cover for you or your loved one.

Seek Inpatient Treatment Always for Emergency Situations

There are several different approaches, methods, and programs to engage in substance abuse treatment. However, for immediate emergency rehab, inpatient treatment is the best option. Inpatient treatment consists of a person checking into a facility and staying at that facility for some time. Typically, a stay at an inpatient facility lasts around 30- 90 days, but if needed, the stay may be extended. During this time, a person is receiving around-the-clock care and treatment. After detoxifying their body, they begin various types of therapy that identify the source of one’s addictive behavior. Once this is done, they can learn their triggers and find new hobbies and habits to pursue to avoid or cope with those triggers. While outpatient treatment can be useful for some people, those who require immediate or emergency rehab typically require inpatient. Outpatient treatment is often used for those with less severe substance use disorder. Anyone who requires emergency treatment, especially those who have overdosed, has a more severe substance use disorder. To fully combat the level of addiction these individuals have, inpatient is best because it is the most comprehensive. During their time at inpatient care facilities, individuals rebuild themselves. They identify the sources of their addictive behavior and work to overcome or cope with them. In doing so, they recreate themselves as sober individuals. This total overhaul usually helps the most in substance abuse treatment, especially those who need it most.

Do Not Wait to Get Help – This Disease is Life or Death

Emergency drug rehab is always available. Even after consulting your healthcare provider and considering your options, it can still be difficult to know exactly what kind of treatment you or your loved one need. There are a variety of treatment programs and centers in Arizona alone. They each have their specialties and ways of doing things. While a search engine may simplify all of the available online data somewhat, there are still pages to scroll through and plenty of information to lose oneself in. With an emergency, time is of the essence; decisions must be made and made quickly. Considering all of this information can be difficult. However, you must sift through the information to make the best decision for yourself or a loved one. If you need any help at all, call us today at (888) 906-0952. Admission specialists are standing by, awaiting your call. They will take your needs or the needs of your loved one into consideration and discuss all of the available treatment options with you. Together, we can give your loved one the best chance of recovery. overdose awareness graphic bog

How to Get Help Right Now

If a person has recently experienced an overdose, hit rock bottom, or experienced a loss, emergency drug rehab is ideal for them. To get help now, pick up the phone and speak with our admissions specialist. We have set up a helpline with the sole purpose of educating and informing individuals about treatment options. Emergency rehab is a phone call away.
Help for critical addiction situations is a phone call away. Dial (888) 906-0952 and press 1.



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