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Front-lines of the Opioid Epidemic: Coming Together to Combat Opioid Public Health Crisis

Welcome to the front-line of the opioid epidemic. Where those who are struggling with addictions to prescription painkillers and heroin need treatment and counseling to get their life back on track and their years of active addiction behind them.

It is no secret how we got here.

Between 2006 to 2017, prescription opioids were being handed out to people with headaches to car injuries as if they were candy. From that time alone, nearly 3 BILLION opioid prescriptions were written, roughly 21 to 29 percent of those patients were misusing the pain medicine prescribed, 4 to 6 percent ended up switching to heroin, and now we are left with 130 Americans dying every day from opioid overdoses.

In 2017, more than 47,000 Americans died as a result of an opioid overdose. This is tragic, if not devastating.

ABTRS motto is Saving Lives and Healing Families and it breaks our heart to know that they are dying. Immediately, we felt obligated to do something. Each patient that walks through the doors of our recovery network has life goals, a family, a dream that got taken away by addiction. An addiction that was fueled with lies and greed.

Do you know who loved these struggling addicts until they learned to love themselves again?

Substance abuse, behavioral disorder, and mental health counselors.

Rehab house managers, peer support group specialists, health service managers and physicians, and case managers.

These dedicated, compassionate individuals that dive into the front-lines of the opioid epidemic with the knowledge, heart, and patience offering help free of judgement or ridicule.

That is who.