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woman thinking about going to detox for her drug and alcohol problem

Starting Recovery With Detox [Guide]

Reading Time: 7 minutes Once a person has decided to get treatment for their addiction, they may be unsure what route to take to recovery. One of the routes

Does Alcohol Affect Birth Control? [Guide]

Reading Time: 8 minutes You’re taking birth control for a reason. The reason you’re taking it is to prevent pregnancy, so it’s only natural to have concerns about alcohol’s

drug and alcohol detox during pregnancy

Drug and Alcohol Detox During Pregnancy [Guide]

Reading Time: 6 minutes Is it possible to detox while pregnant? This is a very important question considering the dangers of drug and alcohol use for pregnant women. We discuss detoxing from illicit substances while pregnant safely.

Getting Sober Before Your Wedding [Guide]

Reading Time: 8 minutes Weddings are widely considered one of the most important life events. It’s natural to want the occasion to work out perfectly. So if you struggle

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