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A Better Today Recovery Services is a renowned leader in addiction treatment and recovery support, offering compassionate guidance and evidence-based solutions to those on their journey to a healthier life.

Our resources found on our website, are crafted with care by our thought leaders in collaboration with a seasoned team of writers, editors, addiction recovery experts, mental health practitioners, and medical practitioners.

Editorial Policies

References, sources, and citations

At A Better Today Recovery Services, we uphold the utmost standards of journalistic integrity and scientific rigor. 

Our content is underpinned by peer-reviewed studies, authoritative academic research, key government health agencies, and prestigious medical entities such as the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM), the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)

Every health article showcases our sources in the “view sources” section and the date of the latest review at the top of the article.


Editorial independence:

Our editorial team at A Better Today Recovery Services maintains strict independence and has complete control over content production. 

No outside partnerships or sponsors have any influence over our content decisions (refer to our Advertising Policy). 

Even though we engage in affiliate marketing programs, our editorial integrity remains intact, with a stringent product review policy in place. 

Any commissions earned are used to support the essential work we do.



A Better Today Recovery Services collaborates with writers deeply versed in the fields of addiction treatment, mental health, and wellness.

Contributors are meticulously chosen for their subject matter expertise and undergo additional training to enhance their skills in research, sourcing, and accurate reporting.

Content updates:

Staying current is a cornerstone of our commitment to providing reliable content. A Better Today Recovery Services follows a systematic content review and update protocol.

When new medical insights emerge, treatment guidelines are revised, or novel therapies are introduced, our editorial team promptly revises the relevant articles.

We also welcome feedback from our readers on any potential content issues at content@abtrs.com.


Links to other sites:

Articles at A Better Today Recovery Services may include links to third-party websites for additional information.

While we provide these links for user convenience, we do not control or endorse the content of these external sites, nor do we confirm or approve the material presented on them.

We are not responsible for the legal compliance, accuracy, or any offensive content found on these linked sites.


Fact-Check and Medical Review Policy

Every piece of health or safety content on A Better Today Recovery Services is thoroughly reviewed by a panel of vetted health professionals.

Our Medical Review Board is composed of experts including addiction therapists, clinical psychologists, and social workers, ensuring that our content is backed by the latest clinical knowledge and practice.

All other content is fact-checked by professional journalists to guarantee the highest levels of accuracy.

Our Editorial Team Review Board

dr patricia sullivan md medical and addiction content director

Patricia Sullivan, MD MPH

Medical and Addiction Content Director

Dr. Patricia Sullivan, MD MPH, is a physician with 36 years of experience and a public health master's, trained at South Baltimore General Hospital and Johns Hopkins-affiliated GBMC.

susana spiegel headshot

Susana Spiegel

Recovery Contributor and Editor

Dr. Patricia Sullivan, MD MPH, is a physician with 36 years of experience and a public health master's, trained at South Baltimore General Hospital and Johns Hopkins-affiliated GBMC.