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With all the stressors that come with being an adult, it is really easy to become dependent on drugs as a method to unwind and relax. Rent, working long hours to make ends meet, or even nagging debt collectors can influence anyone to lean on drugs to destress.

Whether you are finishing off a gram of coke on your three-day weekend or smoking meth to get pumped for Friday night, depending on drugs to enhance your good time is the quickest way for dependency and addiction to blossom and take over your life.

If your family is telling you that your drug problem is becoming a crutch, know that A Better Today Recovery Services is here to help you. ABTRS can help you find a treatment center that focuses on the core issues that caused your drug abuse problem.

High-quality inpatient drug treatment programs are assembled by certified therapists with a variety of treatment options that provide comprehensive custom-made treatment plans. If you or someone you love is suffering in active addiction to drug abuse, have the courage to call A Better Today to find the quality care that can help you or a loved one.

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ABTRS can help you find 24-hour care by licensed medical staff to ensure the first steps in recovery encourages positive growth.

Inpatient Treatment

Abusing drugs like heroin or adderall leaves long-lasting effects on the body and mind. That is why inpatient treatment is highly suggested for an addiction like this one. Being surrounded by peers and professionals that encourage you to get better and who will stand beside you at all cost can help people overcome their addictions. That is why ABTRS is dedicated to connecting you with treatment tailored to your needs.

A healthy mind and body is important for a full recovery, especially if you have been abusing drugs for a long period of time. Many effective treatment centers incorporate physical activity and proven treatment methods into each treatment plan. These types of activities provide you with a fresh new beginning for your mind, body, and soul.

Inpatient drug treatment can provide comprehensive individualized treatment plans that are constructed by masters’ level therapists that utilize fact-based research and techniques. At high-quality treatment centers, each plan contains a mixture of group counseling, one on one therapy, and behavioral therapy to help get to the root of your addiction.

Effective treatment centers focus on the progress you make in treatment, not the length of stay. If you are driven to get sober and only need less than 90 days to get clean and stay clean, a professional therapist will adjust your treatment plan to meet your pace of recovery. Meeting every week, one-on-one with a certified therapist allows adjustment to be made where it is needed. Remember, it is about you and your journey through recovery. A Better Today Recovery Services is there to guide you, support you, and provide professional help so that you can find the treatment you need.

Drug Treatment: From Detox to Aftercare

Drug abuse has a psychological and physical effect on the body that leads to an unhealthy lifestyle. Individuals who suffer from drug addiction tend to build up a high tolerance as they regulate their use. This causes the person to abuse more or mix drugs with alcohol in pursuit of getting a higher high.

This comprehensive care for drug treatment should always begin with cleansing the body of toxins. Being the first step in quality treatment, the detox period can last from 3 to 14 days, depending on the person and the substance being abused. Detox stabilization prepares the individual for the therapeutic principles of rehabilitation. Doctors and nurses know that this is one of the most difficult steps of rehab and focus on providing comfort and emotional support with medication and positive reinforcement.

After stabilization, individual and group therapy are the two main therapeutic methods that are utilized. Daily sessions of both types of therapy provide our patients the opportunity to get to the core of their addiction. These sessions are the backbone of our tailor-made treatment plans with other methodologies that help you maintain a long lasting recovery.

The last component of treatment is establishing a healthy aftercare program. A Better Today Recovery Services can help you find the treatment you need. We can help you find life coaching, relapse prevention services, and healthy coping mechanisms that provide confidence upon graduating from treatment. A Better Today Recovery Services can help you find treatment centers that plan successful aftercare programs.

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Can I Get Treatment for Illegal Substances?

Getting hooked on illegal drugs like meth, heroin, or crack cocaine is dangerously unhealthy for your body and mind. Illegal drugs tend to be cut or made with impunity. These impurities can be more detrimental to your health than the actual active components of the substance. Due to their highly addictive nature, street drugs can easily ruin your life and get you involved with people that are caught up in criminal activity.

When abusing illegal drugs, the detox process will be the most important step of this process. Impurities found in illegal drugs have a tendency to make the withdrawals more intense.

Having a thorough detox process could ease the discomforts associated with illegal drug withdrawals.

What is Drug Treatment for Opiates Look Like?

In this day and age, abusing prescription pills that are opiate-based, like OxyContin or Hydrocodone, are the reason many people develop an addiction without realizing it. All it takes is a car accident or a broken leg and your trusted doctor will prescribe a pill you take every day in 4-6 hour incumbents. This set regiment can cause a dependency for the prescription drug acting as a gateway for heroin abuse.

Many who use and abuse prescription pills do not view it as a drug you can get addicted to. Because it is prescribed by a doctor and not a shady drug dealer, it is easy to justify the amount you are abusing. Unfortunately, when the person can no longer get a prescription for the opiates they are forced to turn to street drugs like Krokodil or black tar heroin to feed an addiction that was spiraling out of control right under their noise.

A Better Today Recovery Services can help you find the services you need. Effective treatment centers know how to handle this unexpected situation and can provide a comprehensive treatment plan from stabilization to aftercare. Do not let your dependency for pain pills get out of control.

Reach out today to get the answers you need to getting back to your old self before the pain medication corrupted your mind.

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Need to put distance between you and your drug dealer? Is getting high the only thing you have in common with your friends?

What is the Benefits of Traveling for Treatment with A Better Today Recovery Services?

Traveling out of state for treatment has a higher rate of success for drug rehab. When dealing with illegal drugs, you tend to get caught up in criminal activity just to feed the addiction that has enslaved you. Removing the stress of your environment while in treatment goes a long way. You do not have to live in fear wondering if your drug dealer is coming after you, you do not have to try and explain to your family what your addiction is while your emotions run wild.

Inpatient drug treatment gives you time to focus on your journey through recovery. Time to decompress from the problems your drug addiction has burdened you with. A Better Today can connect you to a comfortable and luxurious environment to do just that—unwind, learn, and grow.

A Better Today Recovery Services is ready when you are ready. We understand these are important decision to make when it comes to getting clean. We want to alleviate the hassles you may face involving these life-changing decisions by helping you in any way we can. Travel arrangements, flight details, or even breaking the news to your loved ones and friends; we want to be there every step of the way.

You do not need to tackle this all by yourself and having an addiction specialist walk you through the whole process may put your mind at ease. Let us help with all of the planning and arrangements, is what we do best.

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