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Drug & Alcohol Addiction
Assessment Tool

Get the Answers You Need to Empower Your Decision to Get the Help You Need

With all the stresses that come with life, many people turn to drugs and alcohol to cope. Having a bad day, come home and get drunk. After a long week of hard-work, experiment with stimulants and hit the club with friends. Trying to meet high expectations set by society, start doing steroids or Adderall to out perform.

There are many reasons why people of all ages turn to mind-altering substances to control their stress and anxiety. Unfortunately, the moment you start relying on them is the moment they take control of you.

The real question is, has that moment occurred and you just don’t know it?

Have drugs and alcohol become a staple in your life to the point were indulging in mind-altering substances is your only coping mechanism?

Are there any signs in your life where you can see your level of abuse is negatively impacting your life?

What you need now are answers.

Here at A Better Today Recovery Service, our mission is to connect you with master-level therapists. These therapists have crafted a quick drug & alcohol assessment tool to give you the answers you need, offer help when you need it, and empower you to take back control of your life.

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