Dr. Patricia Sullivan, MD MPH

Medical Content Director | Content Fact-Checking and Review
Addiction, Recovery, Treatment, and Mental Health

dr patricia sullivan md medical and addiction content director

Dr. Patricia Sullivan, MD, MPH, brings over 36 years of medical experience, having graduated from medical school in 1986. She completed various residencies, including at South Baltimore General Hospital and Johns Hopkins-affiliated Greater Baltimore Medical Center, and specialized in family and preventive medicine at the University of South Carolina.

With a Master’s in Public Health, Dr. Sullivan is deeply committed to public health, particularly in substance use disorders, mental health, and behavioral addictions. Her professional journey is enriched by personal experiences, as she has both witnessed addiction’s impact in her family and treated numerous patients affected by it. This blend of personal and professional insights fosters her empathetic and effective approach in addiction medicine.

Recently, Dr. Sullivan enhanced her expertise by completing the ASAM Fundamentals of Addiction Medicine Online course, further solidifying her role as a knowledgeable and compassionate physician in addiction medicine.