Patricia Sullivan, MD MPH

Medical Reviewer

Patricia Sullivan, MD MPH is a physician with a Masters in Public Health and over 36 years of experience, graduating from medical school in 1986. Dr. Sullivan did her residency at South Baltimore General Hospital, an internal medicine residency at Johns Hopkin affiliated Greater Baltimore Medical Center.

Dr. Sullivan completed her family and preventive medicine residency at the University of South Carolina.
Dr. Sullivan is passionate about helping people who have been affected by addiction, as she has come across and treated many people whose lives have been affected by addiction.

More personally, Dr. Sullivan’s life has been profoundly affected by addiction, as she has witnessed its effects first hand in her family.

Our medical reviewers review our medical content and  information for accuracy. 

Fact-checking, ensuring sources are trustworthy, and gathering additional data and statistics for our readers. 

Medically Reviewed Posts by Dr. Sullivan, MD MPH

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