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You Know Your Loved One Better Than Anyone Else

Realizing that your loved one may be experimenting too much with drugs and alcohol is heartbreaking. You might feel powerless and frustrated with his or her behavior. The addiction may be escalating to the point that you are worried about the future. Due to your suspicions, you may have found the courage to talk to your loved one about the recent interest in heavy drinking and doing drugs, only to be met with aggression and denial. Now, more than ever, you need help.

Unfortunately, convincing your loved one to stop is not that easy and will often drive him or her away. He or she may think you are overreacting, that you do not know what you’re talking about, or that it is none of your business what he or she does. All you are trying to do is convey your worry and love and for some reason, he or she refuses to listen. You may need an intervention.

An intervention not only offers solutions for your loved ones growing substance abuse problem but offers closure to family members and help during this difficult process. Interventions can be the first milestone in healing family relationships. In many ways, intervention is the first step toward a healthy lifestyle in recovery.

A Better Today Recovery Services understands the apprehension you have in making decisions like this. You want to trust your loved one, you want to believe your loved one when they say they are not using. You also do not want to rush into this type of thing, but you know your loved one better than anyone else. If your gut is telling you he or she is heading down a path that will negatively impact the future then you should seriously consider an intervention before addiction changes his or her life forever.

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