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Having a Healthy Relationship with Yourself Means Improving Your Self-Esteem

Self-esteem and communication are two sides of the same coin. Self-esteem often dictates aspects of an individual’s communication style.

Non-productive and unhealthy communication styles often stem from problems in how we judge the importance of ourselves and others.

Someone with very low self-esteem, for example, may be prone to passive communication techniques. Such people may deem their opinions and needs as important enough to voice.

This can be a vicious circle, creating a situation where an individual is the target of abuse or aggression, thus perpetuating the view that he or she is unworthy of healthy displays of love, affection and respect.

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We want to help you learn how to communicate effectively. Recovery can help you develop communication skills that will improve your life for years to come. Communication skills include setting boundaries, practicing vulnerability, managing expectations, and holding yourself and others accountable.

Those in recovery must practice healthy boundaries in order to maintain a healthy and balanced way of life. Here at A Better Today, we work hard to help each person who calls find the treatment that is right for them. We want to help everyone gain healthy communication techniques and improve their self-esteem. Call us today to learn how treatment can help you communicate more effectively.

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