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Will Cranberry Juice Help Me Pass a Drug Test?

Drug tests are a part of life. Employers, they help ensure that a drug-free workplace stays intact. For employees, they not only incentivize sobriety but allow them to work safely in that drug-free environment.

Drug tests often occur for pre-employment screenings, annual physicals, and post-accident investigations.

But for someone with substance use disorder or who uses recreationally, these tests can be the scariest thing in the world and lead them to search for ways to pass a drug test.

Among the most searched queries is “how to pass a drug test with cranberry juice.” In this educational resource, we will explore the truth about this claim.

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Does Cranberry Juice Help You Pass a Drug Test?

When one searches online for ways to pass a drug test, several websites claim methods or products that can help. Truthfully though, these are all false. So, can cranberry juice clean your system and help you pass? No, it cannot.

Despite claims that drinking copious amounts of cranberry juices can flush drugs from the body, it is simply not true.

There is no substance, chemical, or vitamin in cranberries or in cranberry juice that has some special ability to flush drugs from one’s system. Though many will claim cranberry juice can clean out one’s system in as little as an hour, sadly, it is just a rumor that has gotten out of control. It will not help you pass a drug test.

However, the cranberry juice myth is not the only one. Some websites sell additives, pills that they claim will add chemicals to one’s urine to cleanse or mask drug abuse.

These, too, are not going to help. At the moment, there is no magic pill containing any combination of compounds that can cleanse or mask drugs in one’s system.

Even if, by some miracle, one of these additives is used and the drug test is passed, the additive itself will show up as traceable in the drug test.

This red flag will lead to suspicion and another drug test. So, don’t waste your money on additives or excessive amounts of cranberry juice – unless you like to drink cranberry juice.

How Long Drugs Stay in Your System

When ingesting drugs, there is no shortcut to sobriety. A cranberry juice detox will not cleanse the body; the only thing that can eliminate drugs from one’s system is time and the body itself.

Eventually, the body will detox, and the substance will no longer be present. Once out of the system, it will not appear on a drug test. However, the amount of time it takes the body to detox depends on the drug and your body.

Physical factors like age, ethnicity, biological sex, weight, and medical conditions can contribute to how long the detox process takes. Factors like these are why people can have radically different experiences despite using the same substance.

Other factors that can impact drug detox are the dose of the substance and whether or not there are other drugs in the body.

Generally speaking, though, research has established timelines for how long it takes for each substance to clear the body:

Marijuana – 5-30 days (depending on frequency and amount of intake)

Crack (Cocaine) – 2-3 days

Heroin (Opiates) – 1-3 days

Amphetamine/Methamphetamine – 2-6 days

PCP – 7-14 days

Ecstasy – 2-4 days

Benzodiazepine – 5-30  days (depending on benzodiazepine type)

Barbiturates – 4 days – 14 days

Methadone – 1-3 days

Oxycodone – 1-2 days

graph about how long drug stay in your system

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How to Pass a Drug Test

Although the body can generally detox itself of most substances in a few days, one must acknowledge the potential discomfort those few days can have.

For those with substance use disorder, the experience of eliminating those substances from the body can be anywhere from uncomfortable to painful.

An individual with addiction typically encounters powerful cravings and symptoms of withdrawal during this time. The most common symptoms are confusion and disorientation, depression, anger, aggression, hallucinations, seizures, and death in some unsupervised cases.

Not to mention that drug testing happens at random in most cases, and there’s no way to foresee the testing date to make a detox plan beforehand.

Honesty is going to the best policy in the case of a surprise drug test. In these cases, not only is honesty important, but action to begin the recovery process. Beginning the recovery process can save your career, family, and finances and preserve your freedom.

Rehab starts with detox. Detox is best at an inpatient procedure at a treatment or medical center. While under the care of medical professionals, providers can assist a person with serious, long-term addiction with medications for discomfort and pain. The team can also keep one from harming themselves or others.

Despite what some suspicious websites might have to say, the only way to truly pass a drug test of any kind is to be sober.

While becoming sober can be difficult, it is possible with the right help. Our addiction specialists can give you guidance on different treatments and treatment programs. Once you have found the right program, detox will be first.

However, this cleansing of the body is only the first step. To truly address one’s substance use disorder, a great deal of emotional and social treatment is also needed. To recover and live a sober life, one must essentially rebuild oneself.

One must explore how their substance use disorder began, what triggers it, and find ways to overcome or cope with those triggers.

What Treatment for Substance Abuse Looks Like

Fortunately, for those seeking recovery, there are various treatment programs and centers out there. These present a person with plenty of options for how to go about recovery.

Typically, after detox, a treatment center will enroll an individual in one or more therapy programs. These programs are tailored to the individual’s needs and help get to the emotional root of their substance use disorder.

Therapy can range from one on one to group settings and can even include more unorthodox methods like music therapy or mindfulness meditation. One should engage in as many therapies as possible to try and find what works best for them in finding and engaging with the root of their substance use disorder.

Once the emotional root of one’s substance use disorder is found, they can begin engaging in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

Cognitive-behavioral therapy aims to create new behaviors to cope with substance use disorder. CBT understands that identifying one’s triggers is so important. Through working with a cognitive-behavioral therapist, one can not only identify them but find healthy ways to cope or overcome them.

For example, suppose a person is triggered. In that case, they will find it easier – through force of habit and repetition – to opt for exercise or mediation instead of giving into temptation and relapsing.

With this kind of treatment, one can achieve lasting sobriety and never worry about a drug test again.

Get Help Before Your Situation Worsens

Is cranberry juice good for passing drug tests? No, it is not. The cranberry juice detox is not a scientific or miraculous solution to cleanse the body before a drug test.

Sadly, nothing like that on the market can – no pill, no juice, no quick fix. The only way to eliminate is a substance from the body is to give the body time to detoxify itself.

The body will naturally metabolize the substances, and within a few days, the body will be clean again.

However, one must keep in mind the potential dangers of detoxifying. Those with serious, long-term addictions should seek care at an inpatient facility.

After detoxifying, one should also seek further treatment. Therapy can help reveal the source of substance use disorder and help one create new habits for their life with sobriety.

If you or a loved one are currently suffering from an addiction, there is hope. Sobriety is possible; it just takes the right help. Give us a call today to speak to an addiction specialist.

They will be more than happy to help guide you to the right treatment or treatment program. Remember, you can overcome.


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