Celebrating a Sobriety Birthday

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celebrating a sobriety birthday

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Celebrating Sobriety

Addiction affects a large majority of the United States population. The number of people suffering from addiction continues to increase. However, many are finding their way into recovery by going to rehab centers that provide the means and ways for people to recover.


When people recover, it’s something to celebrate. Sober birthdays exist to commemorate the day a person decided to leave behind drugs and/or alcohol for good. It’s beautiful thing!

Recovering from addiction is not an easy thing to do. It requires strength and commitment, no matter the substance (s) that are being abused or misused. Many people believe it is impossible. It is not. Do you know why? Hope.

Hope is the foundation for all recovery.

To celebrate sobriety, one must have first made the decision to the road less traveled and seek help.

Sobriety Anniversary

A sobriety anniversary, also known as a sobriety or AA birthday, is typically the celebration of the day when someone decided to stop using drugs, drinking alcohol, or both. The celebrated occasion can also take place on other days. Such a day can be when someone last consumed the substance (s) they were abusing. It’s like a birthday. The day a person decides to choose life. 

It can also be the day the individual joins a recovery program. The same program that helped them through the process of and learned how to live a life of sobriety. However, the decision of the actual day of the celebration is, ultimately, up to the said person.

Reasons to Celebrate

There is always room to celebrate sobriety. Whether it is a day, a week, a month, or, better yet, a year that you have been sober. There are numerous reasons why one should celebrate sobriety.

Making the Decision

As stated before, recovery is no walk in the park. However, when someone decides that they want or need to change their behavior, habits, and lifestyle, that is worth celebrating.

As Johann Hari put it, “Addiction is an adaptation. It’s not you—it’s the cage you live in.” And when someone decides to leave that cage, that is a milestone worth commemorating.

Healthy Body and Mind:

A person’s health plays a crucial role in their experience of happiness and well-being. Their health typically declines for a person who abuses substance (s). Overcoming and learning how to manage one’s health is always an achievement worth remembering.

It’s another example of choosing life over addiction. 

Life Then vs Life Now

When taking the time to reflect, you should be able to see a significant change and difference in the person you are. A good one, too. You are looking back at where one’s life was, where it was headed during the addiction, and where it is now.

Whether it is seeing the change in behavior, actions, the people they surround themselves with, finances, or the decisions they were making.

Upon thinking about those things and seeing where you are now, one should be proud of themselves.

“Addiction is an adaptation. It’s not you—it’s the cage you live in.”

Johann Hari

How to Celebrate Sobriety

When celebrating a sobriety anniversary, there are numerous things to do to commemorate the occasion better. To help get a better idea of how to celebrate sobriety milestones, check out the list below. This list can help you make a plan whether it’s celebriting for your own sobriety birthday, or someone elses’.

Get Your Token: 

If you or someone is attending a sobriety support group (AA or NA), celebrate your sobriety by receiving a token or chip. Chips exist in several different increments. After receiving it, show it to family and friends, and be proud of what you have accomplished. Better yet please keep it on your person. Let it remind you of what you and everyone else are capable of. Change.

Go Out:  

Going out, having a special dinner, watching a sports game, or seeing a movie is something worth doing and partaking in on one’s sobriety birthday. Regardless of family or friends, tag along. Someone who does the once-thought-of-as-impossible act and lives sober for a year (or however long), is exceptional. They deserve to enjoy themselves, especially on their sobriety anniversary.

Treat Yourself:

Many people lack the belief in treating themselves. However, whether it is a special occasion or not, treating yourself is perfectly appropriate, especially if one is celebrating an achievement. Do not hesitate or overthink getting that deep tissue massage, buying yourself the newest Nike Air Zooms, or ordering a special dessert. As stated before, it is ideally appropriate and expected that one should treat themselves. You worked hard for what you have.

Try Something New:

Another way one could celebrate their sobriety anniversary is by testing the waters and trying something new, hiking around the town’s nearby lake or up a small peak. Conversely, putting one’s cooking skills to the test and trying out a new recipe they can enjoy later. Or, instead, using one’s creativity and coming up with a crafty project to complete.


Now, if one prefers to celebrate their sobriety anniversary a different way by giving back, then do it! One should not shy away from doing what they love and indulging themselves by helping to serve others in their community. Volunteering one’s time a day at a local shelter or food bank is fitting for the joyous celebration. Even going as far as helping to serve those in a treatment program is commendable. Be an example! Show others that it is possible to live a life of sobriety. After all, you are.

Do You:

A simple and sometimes best way to celebrate one’s sobriety birthday is to do what you want, such as: 
  1. spending the day lounging on the couch 
  2. watching Netflix
  3. ordering your favorite pizza  
  4. inviting some friends over to hang out 
  5. taking some time to enjoy the outdoors
  6. planning a trip somewhere special
  7. going out to eat at your favorite restaurant
Take advantage of the joyous occasion and do what you want. After all, it is your sobriety anniversary.  

Who to Celebrate With?

A support system makes all the difference in recovering from substance abuse. Having that encouragement back up your drive and motivation makes the goal to live your sober life more attainable.   It is important to remember those people on your sobriety birthday. Because of them, you are here, living your life free of substance (s). Because of them, you were able to change your life. 

“You can’t achieve anything entirely by yourself. There’s a support system that is a basic requirement of human existence. To be happy and successful on earth, you just have to have people that you rely on.”

Thank them whether they were family, friends, neighbors, mentors, or people in your support group. Better yet, celebrate your sobriety anniversary with them. Take advantage of the occasion; if you have not already, tell them how grateful you are for them. 

Their friendship, their love, their concern, and most of all, their support. Because without them, who else would listen to you when you needed someone? Who would prop you up when you were feeling low? Who would encourage your choice of sobriety instead of substance abuse? 

Make it a Goal

After accomplishing living sober for one year, month, week, or day, one should make it a common goal. Yet, if things are becoming complex, reflect on what you have already gone through and experienced to live substance-free for that day, week, month, or year. 

Remember the hard times you have already faced. The push and the determination that you maintained to keep saying “no,” whenever the temptation seemed too great to pass up. Think of those moments and remind yourself that you are fully capable of living a life substance-free. One should not let those moments pass by like dead leaves in Autumn’s wind. 

Recall your strength, resolve, and above all, do not begin to belittle those moments. Do not demean yourself.  

Again, recovering from substance abuse is not impossible as many think it is. On the contrary, it is achievable, and anyone is capable of accomplishing it. Still, do not think it is easy because you can do it. 

As stated before, the road to recovery is not an easy one to trek. However, one should never give up hope when it comes to healing. Hope is the foundation for all recovery roads. 

 “Hope itself is like a star – not to be seen in the sunshine of prosperity, and only to be discovered in the night of adversity.” – Charles Haddon Spurgeon

“Hope itself is like a star – not to be seen in the sunshine of prosperity, and only to be discovered in the night of adversity.”

Charles Spurgeon
Susana Spiegel

Susana Spiegel

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