Can CBD Cause a Failed Drug Test?

can you fail a drug test using CBD

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Cannabidiol is a cannabinoid derived from the marijuana plant. Most people don’t know a lot about CBD. It often gets a bad rap because people assume that it is causes the same psychoactive results that THC does, but that isn’t the case. CBD has been shown to be very effective at treating numerous conditions and is now legal in all fifty states. The question most wonder when considering taking CBD is can CBD cause a failed drug test. Use the following guide to learn more about CBD so you can make an informed decision about taking it.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol is a natural alternative to traditional pharmaceutical treatments commonly used in the medical field. It’s been shown to effectively treat epilepsy, PTSD, symptoms of OCD, anxiety, multiple sclerosis, arthritis and many more conditions. The chemical components of CBD are by nature anti-anxiolytic making it great for stress and anxiety relief. It is also anti-inflammatory to decrease physical pain throughout the body.

CBD oil productsCBD can be taken in many different ways. You can ingest it through pill form or through foods that have been infused with CBD. You can also inhale it using a vaporizer or apply it topically through salves or lotions. You may have to try a few different ways of using CBD before finding the one that best suits you.

There are many different types of CBD on the market and knowing the difference between them is important. The most common types of CBD are Full spectrum, broad spectrum, distillate and CBD isolate. The full spectrum CBD contains all parts of the plant to provide users with all of the different benefits available to them.

Full spectrum CBD does contain trace amounts of THC. Many of the other cannabinoids within the plant that have been shown to be beneficial are also in the full spectrum CBD. The amounts of THC within the full spectrum CBD doesn’t cause psychoactive results. It’s often viewed as the best option when it comes to CBD because of all of the nutrients it contains.

Broad spectrum’s similar to full spectrum CBD except the THC is filtered out so that it contains no THC at all. It still contains all of the terpenes, phytocannabinoids and phytonutrients that you want, without the THC that may make you leery.

CBD isolate is a very pure form of CBD. It contains no other cannabinoids. The only thing that the isolate contains is CBD. There are some studies that have shown that CBD isolate isn’t as effective as broad spectrum or full spectrum. This is because the other cannabinoids within the full and broad-spectrum work together to improve absorption and effectiveness of the CBD.

Distillate is a very pure form of CBD. The difference between CBD isolate and distillate is that distillate contains certain cannabinoids that are cherry picked. This is commonly used by individuals who have allergies to certain cannabinoids, but not others.

Can You Fail a Drug Test While Taking CBD?

Many people are leery about taking CBD in any form because they assume that it will cause them to fail a drug test. They think that because it’s derived from the marijuana plant, they will automatically fail for marijuana use if they are tested. This is a fair fear to have because there are some CBDs on the market that can cause you to fail a drug test. CBD isn’t an FDA regulated substance. This means that the claims made on the bottles may not always be true. The FDA doesn’t go behind the manufacturers and verify their claims, so many make outlandish claims in an effort to sell more of their product.

It’s important to note that the structural makeup of THC and CBD are very similar. If the product you purchase has higher levels of THC than listed on the bottle, there is a good chance that you could fail the drug test. It’s best to choose a CBD that has been verified by an independent lab. An independent lab has no direct ties to the manufacturer of the CBD. This ensures an accurate evaluation will be done. When an independent lab evaluates the CBD a certificate of analysis is created that you can check. Look for the closely levels of THC found in the CBD and avoid it if any are found.

How Can You Protect Yourself?

Testing positive for THC in CBD oilsIf you feel that CBD is the right treatment option for you, but you are leery about failing a drug test, take steps to protect yourself. Get a medical marijuana card if they are available in your state. Even though you won’t actually be using marijuana, you’ll be covered if THC shows up on your drug test. Consider talking to your doctor. Let him or her know about the conditions that you feel would be well treated by CBD.

Many doctors view CBD as a healthy treatment option for their patients and will write letters to employers stating why their patient take it. Don’t be afraid to talk to the HR department at your work before you start taking the CBD. Let them know that your doctor feels it would be a great treatment for you and what their policy is on it. You may be surprised to know that many companies are completely accepting of CBD use. If you are really fearful about failing a drug test, you could just drug test yourself at home on a regular basis. This will give you peace of mind that you are not taking in more THC than you think you are.

Finally, you also need to take the CBD in reasonable doses and do research before trying any brand. Check for the certificate of analysis and take small doses when you are first starting any CBD to see how it affects you.

CBD’s Move Forward

Since it is so difficult for CBD consumers to find quality products, it’s important for changes to be made in CBD manufacturing. There are currently no punishments in place for manufacturers who make false claims on their products. They amount of cannabinoids in their products don’t have to factual at all and many don’t contain nearly the amount of CBD that they claim.

Regulations need to be put in place to ensure that consumers are getting what they pay for when buying these products. CBD is so effective at treating different medical conditions that it is now a key ingredient in an epilepsy medication. Because of the many benefits of CBD, consumers need to ban together to have legislation created that protects their rights. Product testing and transparency of all ingredients within the CBDs should be mandatory. This will ensure that manufacturers knowingly creating unsafe products can be held accountable.

CBD is beneficial to so many people in so many different ways. Taking the time to talk to your doctor to determine if it could be right for you could be life changing. He or she can help you narrow down, which option they feel is the safest and most effective. Do plenty of research before choosing the brand you want to try to ensure it’s safe and proven effective. You may have to try taking CBD in a few different ways before finding the right one that works best for you.

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