Getting Sober Before Your Wedding [Guide]

Reading Time: 7 minutes A Wedding in Early Recovery Addiction management is often a life-long commitment, so it’s not always realistic to put major life events on hold while in recovery. Having a wedding while in recovery is possible with careful planning. If you feel you have to get sober for the occasion, know that it will likely not […]

What Happens After Drug and Alcohol Detox?

what happens after detox rehab

Reading Time: 6 minutes Your Next Steps After Detoxing Detoxing is the process of weaning your body off of the drug or alcohol that is in your system. Detox occurs under medical supervision at a hospital or treatment center. Although you can detox at home, the process might be more difficult since the withdrawal symptoms can be intense. Being […]

Talking About Addiction With Someone Who Doesn’t Understand Addiction

two people sitting together and talking about addiction, a serious conversation about addiction

Reading Time: 7 minutes What is Substance Abuse or Addiction? To ensure that we’re on the same level, let’s go over the characteristics of addiction. Some believe that addiction is a choice made by bad people. Science says, that while at first, it was a choice to pick up (and often a choice that’s made at a time when […]

Keep Your New Year’s Resolution to Get Sober

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Reading Time: 7 minutes Start Your Resolution With Treatment When it comes to addiction, it is important to go to treatment to learn ways to prevent relapse. You should always start by seeking treatment because beating an addiction on your own can be very difficult. In treatment, you have someone there every step of the way of teaching you […]

Drug Addiction Effects on The Family [Guide]


Reading Time: 5 minutes Drug Addiction Affects the Whole Family It is estimated that more than 8 million children under the age of 18 live with at least one adult who has a substance use disorder (SUD). The way a parent’s drug addiction affects the family is felt by parents and children alike. “Addiction is a family disease” is […]

Can My Family Force Me into Rehab?

young adult searches the internet to find information on her family committing her to rehab

Reading Time: 5 minutes Can You Be Forced into Rehab in Your State? Forcing someone into rehab is no simple task. It is not a choice anyone wants to make. However, there are concerned parents who have done it and others who are willing to do it. Sadly, this is usually due to the fact that few adolescents seek or […]

Dual Addiction: Meth in the Morning, Heroin at Night

Reading Time: 4 minutes The Dual Addiction of Meth and Heroin: Kim’s Story If it is hard to live with one addiction, and it is even worse when you have dual addiction to substances. Kim, 47, started just like many people who abuse drugs. She used to try to fix a problem. According to her, it all started around […]

U.S. Youth Suicide Rate Reaches 20-Year High

Reading Time: 4 minutes Abuse at Home Can Lead to Suicide Teens who are abused at home often feel like they have no way out. They feel like they have to deal with the abuse that they are being given or take their own lives in order for the abuse to stop. It’s important to take the time to […]

Beginning the Journey: Detox vs. Cold Turkey

Reading Time: 4 minutes Addicted Brain: The Need to Stay in Active Addiction Many people wonder how people can make the conscious choice to take a drug even though they are aware of the dangers involved. The answer is simple: your brain. Your body is made up of chemicals and so are drugs. When you ingest drugs into your system, […]

How to Stop Alcoholism in Its Tracks

Reading Time: 3 minutes Rehab Helps Addicts to Recover Overcoming an addiction to alcohol isn’t easy because there are harsh withdrawal symptoms that the alcoholic will go through. Many people assume that someone can quit drinking cold turkey if they want to beat their alcoholism, but that isn’t the case. The body becomes used to the alcohol. When it […]