CPS, Children, & Addiction

cps children and addiction

Reading Time: 8 minutes When substance abuse leads to CPS involvement, it’s a scary time for families who fear losing their children. However, parents must remember that CPS’s main goal is to keep children safe and well. With commitment and support, many families are able to overcome addiction, provide a safe home, and reunite.

Losing Custody Due to Addiction

parent holding their childs hand to represent the relationship between parent and child

Reading Time: 4 minutes In this comprehensive guide, we explore the challenging journey faced by parents when Child Protective Services (CPS) or the Department of Child Services (DCS) intervenes due to drug use. We’ll provide essential insights and practical tips to navigate this complex process, aiming to reunite families and ensure the well-being of children.

Can Childhood Trauma Lead to Addiction? [Guide]

a child looking out of a window longingly to conceptualize the feelings that come with childhood trauma that leads to addiction

Reading Time: 6 minutes How Does Trauma Affect Children? What is interesting about childhood trauma, or any trauma, is that you cannot identify it objectively. Childhood trauma can occur in all sorts of ways for a person. Trauma is a broad term, and it is a stress that causes emotional or physical harm that a child cannot remove himself […]

4 Ways to Help Children Understand Addiction

teen overdose deaths on the rise talking to your teens

Reading Time: 4 minutes Your children are not spared from everyday challenges that expose people to the dangers of substance use and abuse. If you are waiting to make your children understand addiction in their late teens, it could be too late.  According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, a third of teens have had a drink […]

Talking to Your Kids About Drugs and Addiction

Reading Time: 4 minutes How to Approach the Subject Recognizing that each parenting style is different, it’s ultimately up to you on how and when you start talking to your children about the dangers of drugs. The rule of thumb is it’s usually recommended that you start opening up the conversations with your children about drugs around age 10. Of […]

Society and Substance Abuse: Nature vs Nurture

Reading Time: 4 minutes Nature Argument: Genetic Dispositions for Addiction “We have not yet isolated the factors responsible for the difference in addiction liability; one factor seems to be passed on from generation to generation” (Volkow, 2012). In 1967, early genetic research proposed by Nichols and Hsiao suggested that a genetic factor might help explain the development of addiction […]

Children & Substance Abuse: Teaching Destructive Coping Mechanisms


Reading Time: 3 minutes Children and Substance Abuse: Addiction Affects Each Family Member Differently It is common for the spouse of an addict to become the enabler in the family. They pick up the slack and try to maintain a healthy household the best they can while making efforts to avoid “setting off” the addict. Leaving the children to […]

Number of Babies Born with Prescription Drug Addiction

babies born addicted to drugs

Reading Time: < 1 minute Dramatic Increase Nationwide Between 2000 and 2013, an addicted baby was born every 25 minutes in the United States. In 2014, over 1000 babies were born addicted in Kentucky. This problem isn’t localized in Kentucky, although it is statistically the most dramatic increase. In 2012, 22,000 babies were born addicted to a substance nationwide. Though […]