Can Childhood Trauma Lead to Addiction? [Guide]

a child looking out of a window longingly to conceptualize the feelings that come with childhood trauma that leads to addiction

Reading Time: 6 minutes Table of Contents How Does Trauma Affect Children? What is interesting about childhood trauma, or any trauma, is that you cannot identify it objectively. Childhood trauma can occur in all sorts of ways for a person. Trauma is a broad term, and it is a stress that causes emotional or physical harm that a child […]

4 Ways to Help Children Understand Addiction

teen overdose deaths on the rise talking to your teens

Reading Time: 5 minutes Your children are not spared from everyday challenges that expose people to the dangers of substance use and abuse. If you are waiting to make your children understand addiction in their late teens, it could be too late. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, a third of teens have had a drink […]

Talking to Your Kids About Drugs and Addiction

Reading Time: 5 minutes It would be nice if we lived in a world where we were confident that our children would never be tempted by illegal drugs. We could rest easy knowing that they would be safe during their teen years too. But in the world we live in today, that’s just not so. Anyone paying attention would […]

Society and Substance Abuse: Nature vs Nurture

Reading Time: 6 minutes The debate between nature and nurture goes back to the dawn of time. As long as humans have been curious, debates about the origin or cause of such problems as substance abuse have existed. In the last half-century, much progress has been made in understanding that substance abuse is a disease; however, the exact cause […]

Children & Substance Abuse: Teaching Destructive Coping Mechanisms


Reading Time: 4 minutes Children of substance abusers typically find themselves in an abnormal role in the family. Many times older children sacrifice a normal childhood to take care of younger siblings. Shy, quieter children retreat into themselves to avoid negative attention. Often, younger siblings are protected by the older ones the best they can, but these siblings sense that things […]

Number of Babies Born with Prescription Drug Addiction

babies born addicted to drugs

Reading Time: 2 minutes In 2000, 29 newborn babies were hospitalized in the state of Kentucky because they were born with prescription drug addiction. If a woman uses drugs during pregnancy, the drugs will be passed in utero to the unborn child. That child, in turn, will be born addicted to the substances the mother was taking. After birth, […]

Will My Baby Be Taken at Birth for My Addiction During Pregnancy?

will my baby be taken at birth for drug use

Reading Time: 8 minutes Millions of expectant mothers have struggled with drug addiction during pregnancy despite harsh judgments. So naturally, their first fear is losing custody of their child due to drug use.  This article discusses addiction during pregnancy, working with authorities, and getting treatment to keep custody of your child. What Are the Risks of Addiction During Pregnancy? As […]

Losing Custody Due to Addiction

parent holding their childs hand to represent the relationship between parent and child

Reading Time: 8 minutes We have created an in-depth guide for individuals facing temporary loss of custody due to child protective service agency intervention. Parents that have lost custody of their children may feel alone, guilty, angry, or depressed. The emotions that come with losing your child to child protective services because of addiction can be overwhelming. Still, options […]

How to Talk to Your Children About Your Addiction Recovery

Reading Time: 4 minutes If you are a parent that is in recovery, you may wonder just how much your addiction has affected your children. It is understandable that approaching the subject of addiction and recovery with your children can bring about feelings of guilt and shame, but do not let these feelings hold you back. No matter what […]