Can’t Stop Looking at Porn? Here’s why.

can't stop looking at pornography the reasons why

Reading Time: 6 minutes Discussions about pornography frequently circle back to a key question: Is it possible for it to become addictive? A consensus among many addiction experts suggests that it has great potential to be addictive. If you can’t stop watching porn, here’s what you need to know and solutions to break free from pornography addiction.1 Understanding Behavioral […]

Addictive Personality – Myth or Real?


Reading Time: 5 minutes Addictive Personality Studies and Findings The medical and scientific community is far behind in conducting studies to understand addictive personalities. However, there have been many studies that explore the correlation between certain traits and addiction. The findings are shocking. A Study by NAMI found: Impulsivity and neuroticism are higher among all types of addictions than in the […]

Nurses and Addiction

nurse is struggling with an addiction to drugs

Reading Time: 6 minutes The Challenges and Stress of Being a Nurse Substance abuse among nurses has been a documented problem for at least 40 years and has evolved into an ongoing case study. There are plenty of reasons why anyone would resort to substances that will take the edge off of inevitable or circumstantial obstacles in life. A […]

Am I Drinking Too Much Alcohol?

woman contemplates if she's drinking too much alcohol and how to get help

Reading Time: 5 minutes What’s Considered Too Much Alcohol? When someone drinks a large quantity of alcohol in one session, raising their blood alcohol concentration to 0.8 g/dl or above is called binge drinking. Binge drinking is very common for people between the ages of 18-34. However, just because you binge drink doesn’t mean you suffer from an AUD […]

Veterans and Substance Abuse

veterans walking into a war zone to show the commitment that often leads them to addiction

Reading Time: 6 minutes The Wounds our Veterans Carry Physical injuries are frequent issues experienced by veterans. The strain that war places on people physically exceeds what most people experience. Injuries are often grounds for a return home, which means leaving one’s comrades behind. Minor or moderate injuries may be covered up and managed with pain medication instead of requiring more […]

How Do You Know You’re Addicted [Guide]

Reading Time: 4 minutes 1. You are Lacking Control When it Comes to Consuming the Substance One sign of developing an addiction is being unable to take a break from using or drinking. This is especially true if it’s not a medication that you’re prescribed to take every day or if it’s an illegal drug. The truth is that […]

How Addiction Affects Men and Women Differently

man and woman standing side by side as a representation of how addiction affects men and women differently

Reading Time: 5 minutes How Addiction Impacts Men and Women Differently Substance abuse among gender varies for several reasons. There is no explicit answer stating that one gender is significantly more dependent than the other. Information collected in 2011 by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health found that men are more likely to face substance abuse after turning 18 […]

Reasons to Quit Heroin

stop using heroin and seek addiction treatment help

Reading Time: 6 minutes Heroin Use is Dangerous One of the biggest reasons to quit heroin is the fact that’s dangerous. That’s no secret. On top of being extremely dangerous, it is also a highly addictive opioid drug. There is no shortage of ways to ingest heroin and each method comes with its dangers. It can be injected, snorted […]

Seeking Rehab for a Meth Addiction

deciding to get help for a meth addictiomn

Reading Time: 5 minutes The First Steps to Seeking Help for Meth Abuse Questioning whether or not you should seek treatment is an essential first step. We all struggle at times and look for obvious signs we need help. No one wants to believe they have a problem. It’s a natural reaction to deny that a problem exists.  When […]