Can CBD help addiction? There is a lot of buzz around CBD oil and its potential benefits for addiction recovery. Can CBD make a difference when it comes to overcoming addiction?

Let’s explore the evidence and find out what experts say about using CBD for addiction treatment. We’re also going to share with you the brands of CBD that we recommend for those in early recovery.

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What is CBD? 

CBD oil is derived from the cannabis plant. It contains no THC, the psychoactive compound in marijuana that gets users high. 


This means that CBD oil does not produce any mind-altering effects associated with marijuana use.

Some studies prove that CBD can help reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms, making it easier to quit using drugs or alcohol.

Can CBD help you Overcome Addiction?

No, CBD cannot help you completely overcome addiction on its own. 

However, it can aid you in the process of recovery along with other evidence-based treatments.

A systematic review of CBD has concluded that it does show some promise in helping with addictions to cannabis, methamphetamine, nicotine, and more.

How CBD Can Help the Process of Detox from Drugs or Alcohol

CBD oil can help to reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms. This means that it can make detoxing from drugs or alcohol less difficult. 

CBD oil does not produce any psychoactive effects, so it is safe to use even if you are in early recovery.

CBD has been shown to:

-Reduce anxiety

-Decrease cravings

-Relieve pain

-Promote better sleep

All of these effects can be helpful when you are trying to detox from drugs or alcohol.

CBD oil is not a miracle cure for addiction, but it can be a valuable tool in the recovery process.

 If you are struggling with addiction, talk to your doctor about whether CBD oil could help you.

 You can also check out our blog for more information on using CBD oil for recovery.

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How CBD Helps in Early Addiction Recovery

Anxiety is a common symptom of withdrawal. 

The detox process can cause it, or it may result from underlying mental health issues such as PTSD or depression.

Reducing anxiety can help to make the detox and recovery process more bearable. CBD oil may be able to help you to reduce anxiety and promote relaxation.

CBD for Cravings

Cravings are one of the main reasons that people relapse after quitting drugs or alcohol. They can be incredibly powerful and difficult to resist. 

CBD has been shown to reduce cravings, making it easier to get through the early recovery process where cravings can be especially problematic.

Specifically, CBD has been shown to help to reduce cue-induced cravings in heroin withdrawal, according to this study.

CBD for Pain Relief

Pain is another common symptom of withdrawal. The detox process itself can cause pain, or it may be a result of underlying medical conditions. 

CBD oil can help to relieve pain, making the recovery process more tolerable.

CBD for Better Sleep

Poor sleep is a common problem in early recovery. It can be caused by anxiety, stress, and other withdrawal symptoms. 

CBD oil can help to promote better sleep, which can in turn, help to improve recovery.

CBD Recommended for Addiction Recovery 

Green Roads is a great CBD product that Dr. Sullivan recommends. Green Roads is known for its high quality. 

Their products have been essential for those in early recovery and trying to overcome addiction.

Most importantly, they are affordable. Green Roads has everything from broad spectrum to full-spectrum CBD products. Including products that can help you sleep, de-stress, or have energy.

Click to visit Green Road’s website and see their amazing CBD products!

The Bottom Line on CBD and Addiction 

CBD is a safe and effective treatment for addiction. It can help to reduce cravings, anxiety, and pain. It can also promote better sleep. If you are struggling with addiction, talk to your doctor about whether CBD could help you recover.

You can also check out our blog for more information on other helpful supplements to take during recovery. 


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Patricia Sullivan, MD MPH

Patricia Sullivan, MD MPH

Dr. Patricia Sullivan is a medical doctor with over 35 years of experience. Her passion is helping others achieve wellness and good health in recovery from addiction.

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