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Avondale Arizona Drug and Alcohol Treatment

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Medical Detox Center

The start to the road to recovery for many begins in medical detox. Detox normally ranges from 5-7 days depending on the substance. Providers are on staff 24/7 to ensure your safety and comfort.

Inpatient Rehab Center


Inpatient drug and alcohol rehab is often the right choice for those who are dealing with addiction issues. Treatment program lengths are usually between 30 -120 days, depending on addiction severity.

Professional Addiction Intervention


Starting a medically supervised intervention if often the best option for concerned loved ones. Addiction intervention is known to be 90% successful. Get help today for a loved one.

Rehab Programs Serving Avondale

30-Day Rehab

30-day inpatient rehab programs can be a good start to recovery. Patients learn the basics of recovery and with dedication can build the foundation to lifelong recovery from drug and alcohol abuse.

60 Day Rehab

60-day treatment plans offer a great foundation for recovery from drugs and alcohol. This is an excellent program length for people who can’t commit to extended periods of time in treatment.

90-Day Rehab

90-day treatment programs are ideal because they are proven to have better long-term outcomes. Patients have more time in therapy, groups, and classes. 90-day programs are always a good choice.

Substance Abuse Help in Avondale, AZ

Are you looking for addiction treatment in Avondale, Arizona? You are not alone. Like many cities across the United States, Avondale has had its struggles with rising drug and alcohol abuse. Of all the cities in Arizona, Avondale has the highest number of opioid overdoses. Between June 2017 and the present, over 9,100 opioid-related overdoses have been reported. And this is just opioids – Avondale struggles with a variety of substance abuse disorders.

If you or a loved one struggles with addiction in Avondale, it’s time to get help. There is a wealth of options to choose from when it comes to treatment in Avondale or the surrounding areas. We are A Better Today has made it our goal to ensure that everyone gets life-saving addiction treatment. We are experts in the addiction treatment field and have vast resources and partnerships with treatment centers to help you.

Do you have questions about addiction treatment options? Rehab is available for Arizona Medicaid (AHCCCS) and private insurances. Even if you have questions about addiction and addiction treatment in general, we can help. Give us a call at 1-888-906-0952.

Avondale Substance Abuse Statistics

When it comes to addiction issues in Avondale, the statistics speak for themselves. An annual average of 558,000 people aged 12 and older used an illicit drug sometime in the past year in the greater Phoenix area, which Avondale is a part of. This is a staggeringly large number. More and more people are accessing drugs and abusing them.

Treatment Programs for Addiction in Avondale

When it comes to treatment options, there is a wide range of programs available in Avondale. If you or a loved one is looking to get treatment here, we can help you find the right program.

Finding the right treatment program depends on several factors. First, any treatment plan you enter should be customized to you. When it comes to treatment for substance abuse, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Every patient’s addiction story is different, so too should be their journey to recovery.


Detox is the first step of treatment for many. Detoxification allows your body to adjust to not being dependent on a substance. Detox for certain substances such as alcohol, opioids, and benzodiazepines can be dangerous. Medical supervision is essential if your drug of choice falls into this category. For other drugs such as methamphetamine or cocaine, detox may still be necessary, but shorter. After detox, moving on to inpatient or outpatient drug rehab is essential to build a solid foundation of recovery.

Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient drug and alcohol rehab is where patients live at a treatment center for a certain period of time. These stays can range anywhere from 30 to 120 days. Patients are given care and supervision around the clock. No matter what your drug of choice, inpatient treatment can be beneficial. It places patients in a positive, healthy, and healing environment where they can uncover the root of their drug use.

Outpatient Treatment

There is also an outpatient treatment for addiction in Avondale, AZ. Outpatient treatment is perfect for individuals who have life commitments they must keep while they undergo treatment. Some people have kids, work, or school obligations outside of treatment. With outpatient treatment in Avondale, AZ, patients come to the treatment center for a few hours a few times a week to receive treatment. Treatment time also varies from person to person.

What kind of rehab treatment plan do I need?

Patterns of drug use also vary from person to person, so patients are assessed at the beginning of their treatment stay. In this assessment, medical providers seek to understand some key components of the patient’s drug use. Armed with this information, providers can lay out the best course of action for the patient. Treatment usually lasts anywhere from 30 days to 90 days. Rehab centers understand that not every patient is actually able to stay for an extended period of time in treatment. In this case, providers will likely try to establish a shorter inpatient stay or suggest outpatient options. The best way to figure out how long you or your loved one should participate in a recovery program is to call today and get the process of admission going. Our admissions specialists can provide the answers you need.
Payment Options for Addiction Rehab Treatments

Will My Insurance Cover Rehab?

Health insurance companies must cover substance abuse, even if it is a state Medicaid program. The following health insurance companies protect rehab:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona
  • United Healthcare
  • Aetna Health Insurance
  • Bright Health
  • Cigna Healthcare of Arizona, Inc.
  • Oscar Health Plan, Inc.
  • Ambetter from Health Net
  • Medicare
  • Arizona Medicaid (AHCCCS) and more…

Health insurance is a common and effective way of getting state-of-the-art treatments. Treatment can be obtained for either low manageable costs or completely no-cost. People often find themselves in less than favorable circumstances where they need treatment, but they don’t have health insurance. In this case, you must utilize the federal or state health insurance plans that you qualify for. Arizona’s state Medicaid system, known as AHCCCS or access, is available for any qualifying adult with a drug or alcohol addiction. To find a drug and alcohol treatment center that accepts AHCCCS, contact us today.

The following medical services can be covered under insurance: 

Medication-assisted treatment Residential treatment programs Transportation and childcare costs Counseling and therapy practices Other necessary recovery services

Rehab centers sometimes offer payment plans for anyone struggling with finances or healthcare insurance. Additionally, treatment services sometimes offer a sliding fee scale. Payment assistance programs like these help patients focus on the recovery that deserves their full attention. Call us now for more information!

Should I Travel for Rehab?

When it comes to finding appropriate drug and alcohol treatment, there are many variables and options to weigh. An individual must also decide where they want to seek out treatment. Some individuals may want to get treatment near their homes, while others may want to go to a treatment center farther away to escape geographical triggers and the temptation to leave early. No matter what the reasoning or situation, there are options to consider. Once again, it all comes down to your needs. Looking for treatment away from your hometown works exceptionally well for people that live in unhealthy situations. Often, an individual can be surrounded by other drug and/or alcohol users in their day-to-day life. Additionally, families can be pretty toxic (especially in early recovery when everyone is still in the process of healing). In this case, patients may want to create a safe distance between themselves and those they love but can’t be around at the time for their own sanity. Still, others might be homeless and need to get away from the community around them.

Seeking treatment farther away allows for a fresh environment with supportive people, making it easier to develop new habits and ways of thinking. Patients may start to believe in themselves more and believe in their ability to create a new life.

Should I go to rehab near home?

Despite all the reasons for deciding to travel for treatment, there are many benefits to going to rehab near home. Patients with a healthy support system may want to go through the treatment process nearby. Being geographically close to your support system allows them to take an active role in your treatment plan. Treatment can be challenging at first. Many people need the support of others to get through the treatment process and begin the journey of lifelong recovery.

Staying local is also a good idea if a patient needs to work or attend to other responsibilities during the day while attending outpatient. In this case, an outpatient treatment program will allow the patient to care for themselves and their loved ones while also participating in therapy and groups during scheduled times during the week.

What type of treatment is best for an individual truly depends on their specific situation. An admissions specialist in the treatment field will be able to assist you or your loved one with making the final decision on whether or not to seek out treatment near or farther away from home. For more information on treatment and treatment options, give us a call at 1-888-906-0952.

Who does addiction happen to?

Addiction is a disease that does not discriminate. People often assume that they would never fall into its trap. Even if an individual believes that he or she is in control of whatever substance they decide to use, the reality is that they often overestimate their ability to keep control. If you are using substances (especially illegal or not prescribed), you must evaluate your life. Doing so is the only way to assess the potential damage you’re doing to your life. If this is too difficult to accomplish on your own, speaking with an addiction counselor in Avondale is a great first step.

When someone you love shows signs of addiction, you should consider reaching out to them and discussing your concerns. If their behavior has drastically changed and they show signs of substance abuse, consider getting help from a professional. Educating yourself can be critically important in helping the person you love to get help. Above all, they’ll need support as they move forward towards recovery. Try not to make them feel guilty for their addiction – substance abuse can happen to anyone. Speaking with a professional can give you the tools and support you need to help your loved one.

When things are dire, and your loved one is resisting help, you might consider an intervention. Interventions are best done with an interventionist or an addiction counselor as they can be sensitive emotionally-charged experiences. Those considering an intervention must be guided by a professional. Interventions usually happen over a 2-day process where the first day is training for the family and friends, and the second day is the actual intervention. Proper preparation is everything in an intervention.

For information about treatment or interventions, call us today.

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Help is available for those who are willing to reach out.  Treatment centers that offer opioid treatment programs, centers that specialize in helping victims of sexual or domestic abuse, and facilities that help members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Treatment should approach an individual’s full history, not just their addiction. Most drug and alcohol users have underlying problems that led them down the path of addiction in the first place. Therapy and other treatment options allow you to approach these issues safely. The goal of therapy is to get to the root cause of your addiction and build new, healthy habits and ways of thinking.

If you or a loved one want to get treatment for addiction give us a call at  1-888-906-0952.

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