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What is the Alumni Program at ABTRS?

We pride our network of treatment centers on creating a warm and inclusive environment for patients. Alumni programs are an ever-growing association of former patients who come together to plan and take part in community events.

These regular community-building events help create a support network for patients and prove to others the effectiveness of programs and the 12-steps. Staying involved in the recovery community is a vital ingredient in a healthy recovery program. Remaining clean and sober requires the help and guidance of others who understand what someone is going through. When someone is in need, it’s the community that catches and lifts them up.

The greatest benefit of being a part of the alumni community is the camaraderie and support that each member receives. The importance of healthy, loving friendships is beyond measure. In addition, relationships are often lacking in authenticity and genuine compassion; everyone is just looking after him or herself. In sobriety, however, people need healthy relationships in their lives. That’s where the sober community comes in. The alumni community provides a caring ear to listen to or just someone with which someone can turn to in a time of need.

What are ABTRS Fundraisers?

The available alumni programs are non-profit and are fully self-supporting. Fundraisers generate the funds necessary to make alumni events affordable for all members.

Past alumni events included partnering with local eateries such as Chipotle and Baked Bear. We have partnered with Goodwill Industries and participated in a donation drive, spaghetti dinners, the 5K Walk for Recovery and private donations have also further promoted our alumni association.

These events are fun and provide the stage for new alumni members to meet and get to know others who went through the program at a different time. While allowing members to create and further the community spirit, these events help keep the programs alive.

ABTRS Alumni Community Service

Alumni have the opportunity to participate in a variety of community service activities.

There are organized services such as making and distributing bags for the homeless and organize trips to help feed the homeless. During the holidays, many centers like to hold a special soup kitchen or other events that feed and provide for those less fortunate.

Volunteering at local community centers and helping out with the city is another community service that alumni can take part in. Some wound up losing everything, including a place to live in active addiction. These community service opportunities allow people to give back and recover from the trauma of their addiction.

Join Our Networks Alumni Today for good fun, great company, and delicious food.

What are Alumni Events?

More than anything else, at alumni events there is fun! Those in recovery are free from the pains and chains of addiction. Now, we celebrate life and recovery in everything we do.

Many of the favorite alumni events involve sober fun. When someone first gets sober, many people feel uncertain about what could possibly be done that’s fun—the answer is an endless list of possibilities.

For example, there was a sober softball team that met weekly from October through April. Sober bowling events, laser tag, hiking, and camping trips also provide regular opportunities for alumni members to meet and bond while enjoying exciting pastimes. The members’ goal is to organize events that keep people engaged and surrounded by fun, supportive and healthy ways to spend time.

Our goal for the future is to expand the networks alumni programs so that it’s able to provide scholarships and funding for those in early recovery who are unable to afford certain requirements. Eventually, we may be able to help with such expenses, such as an alumni’s first-month rent in sober living or treatment fees, should insurance cut out before the program is completed.

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