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Fellowships for Families: Al-Anon & Nar-Anon Support Groups

Support groups are vital to the recovery process. Not just for the person who is dealing with addiction issues, but their family and loved ones. A Better Today Recovery Services network can help you find suitable aftercare programs to be involved in. Two of the more well-known support groups are Nar-Anon and Al-Anon.

Both groups specifically help families work through a loved one’s recovery. Drug addiction and alcoholism do not just take a toll on the person using drugs or alcohol: it can hurt everyone closest to him or her. It is a difficult process for families to regain bonds after a member’s drug or alcohol use has gotten in the way. The addict or alcoholic will feel guilty for putting his or her family through hard times, while the family might feel that they are to blame or might not understand what it takes for someone to live in recovery.

What is Al-Anon and How Can it Help You & Your Family?

Al-Anon’s focus is geared toward helping families understand their loved one’s problem with alcohol. It is the most abused drug in the country, making it common for alcoholism to dismantle people’s home lives. Rebuilding relationships with loved ones who have, or need, to go through recovery can make for an awkward and unsure feeling due to broken trust. Both parties, the alcoholic and the family, have things that they want to say, think and feel, but do not want to further hurt the situation. Speaking within a group setting can be beneficial to all parties.

Al-Anon is a spiritual fellowship, but does not follow any one religion. Attending these meetings can help family members understand the 12-steps of recovery. If family members have a better understanding of what it takes for their loved one to live life in recovery, then there is a better chance of connecting with their loved one.

Often, people take to alcohol because they feel disconnected and alone from everyone that is close to them. Learning how to reconnect with one another can help everyone realize that no one is alone in this journey through recovery.

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How Can Nar-Anon Help My Family Heal from Drug & Alcohol Abuse?

Nar-Anon is a family counseling program that helps families rebuild a relationship with a loved one who went through the hardship of living with a drug addiction. Substance abuse is a bigger problem in society than most people believe, but at the same time, many do not know how to handle the situation if it happens to their loved one.

It is easy to give advice regarding substance abuse when it ‘s someone else, but when it happens to your family, it can be hard to know where to go for help. Families are trapped in the chaos that accompanies drug abuse; it is a familial disease and there should be support for the whole family.

Nar-Anon’s spiritual program is based on the 12-step program to ensure a strong foundation for the healing process. Working through the 12-steps with your love one can help keep them focused and determined.

Those who have struggled with substance abuse often feel isolated from everyone, but if the family takes the time to understand their addiction and recovery, they should feel more connected, empowered, and wanted.

Rehab is not a cure for a drug addiction; it takes dedication and effort to remain sober. It requires an incredible amount of work and focus for meaningful reflection and relationship building. When people do not understand recovery, it can make it harder for those that are recovering to embrace the importance of maintaining their recovery.

When family and friends are willing to attend Nar-Anon meetings, encourage a strong relationship with the sponsor, and attend meetings regularly, everyone wins. A Better Today Recovery Services can help you find comprehensive aftercare that encourages the family to learn about addiction and how to cope with a loved one who has a drug problem.

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Addiction is a family disease that deserves comprehensive care.
Explore Al-Anon & Nar-Anon meetings to support the whole family.

What to Expect in Al-Anon & Nar-Anon Meetings

A Better Today Recovery Services understands what it is like being the family member of a loved one who is struggling with substance abuse. Your heart breaks when you know he or she is getting high and the money that disappears from your wallet is becoming more frequent these days. The heated arguments that you have when your loved one is making you feel powerless. Giving Al-Anon or Nar-Anon a chance may be just what you need in finding closure or finally taking control of your actions and vowing to only help, but no longer enable your addicted loved one.

Being welcomed by this support network to discuss your loved one’s addiction can be awkward at first, but most find connecting with other families who have been through similar situations can help. Addiction tends to isolate all those who are involved. Hearing stories of both pain and healing from others who have walked in your foot steps will empower you when you need it the most.

Once you feel comfortable enough, you can share your story and inspire others. Your experience might help a family, that is just like yours, dealing with the same feelings that you wen through. Addiction takes a hold of many people and there is no shame in needing help or speaking out. Getting some peace of mind can help everyone recover from a loved one’s substance abuse problem.

Simple Tips to Help You Handle a Loved One’s Drug & Alcohol Addiction

There is no clear-cut answer on how to handle a loved one’s substance abuse problem. You may feel a sense of blame like it was your fault for letting him or she get involved with drugs, angry, and full of regret that you did not step in sooner. You may even feel confused as to why your loved one refuses to get clean no matter how hard you try.

Everyone struggles with drug and alcohol addiction in their own way. A Better Today Recovery Services wants you to understand that it is not your fault. You do not have to blame yourself for the addiction that manifested itself. Many people who abuse drugs and alcohol do it to cope with an underlining problem, like severe depression or trauma. What matters the most is finding help and begin healing. It can be hard for people to forgive their loved ones, but time will heal these fresh wounds as rehabilitation for a better life unfolds.

Attending Nar-Anon & Al-Anon meetings will provide you with the opportunity to learn about addiction as a disease and what your family can do to heal. A Better Today Recovery Services can provide services with a high level of care. You can learn about co-occurring disorders, creating healthy boundaries, and enjoy spending sober, quality times with your loved one.

It is normal to not know how to handle a loved one’s substance abuse problem; let our network of addiction treatment centers guide you through the recovery process to ensure long-lasting recovery for the whole family.

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Trust in A Better Today Recovery Services to Help Bring Healing for the Whole Family

If you need more information on how to deal with a loved one’s addiction, please call us. You can speak with an addiction specialist who can walk you through how to help your struggling loved one. Addiction is a disease that must be treated with proper medical attention for one to fully recover.

If you are feeling that you are out of options and losing the one you love to drug and/or alcohol abuse, then please give A Better Today Recovery Services a call. Sometimes it requires more than one intervention, meeting, or rehab program before someone can climb out of the hole that addiction pushed them into. There is still a chance for your loved ones to get back to living a sober, happy, meaningful, and safe lifestyle.

Do not let your loved one lose another day to addiction. We are here to provide you with the resources you need to get your loved one into substance abuse treatment. You and your loved one are not alone, let us help you begin the healing process.

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Exploring Support Groups While Your Loved One is in Treatment Can Prepare You For When They Graduate

The moment you find out that your loved one has a substance abuse problem you will want to step in and help them kick their drug habit. By the time that happens your loved one can be so dependent on their drug of choice that you feel powerless to intervene. Knowledge is power and the only power you may have is the ability to educate them, guide them to seek treatment, and get them to rehab.

Finding the information that is trustworthy with your loved one’s interest in mind can be challenging. Our network utilizes information that is unbiased and proven or tested to be effective for substance abuse treatment and recovery. We want to empower you to help your addicted loved one by providing the sources we used below. We will continue to try to provide you with reputable sources that are up to date and relevant.

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