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Starting the Process of Finding an AHCCCS Facility in Mesa

Some people who need treatment for addiction will never seek help. Mostly because they are unaware that help is available. Every day, almost 200 people die from an overdose. Some suffering from addiction don’t see the need for treatment or feel ready to quit using.

It often takes a catastrophic event to promote change. This event might be a near-death experience, losing a job because of the addiction, or having child protective services do a welfare check.

If you face losing your child to child protective services, visit our CPS page for more info.

Getting a treatment plan set up can feel overwhelming in the beginning. There is unfamiliar terminology, appointments to schedule, and changes happening at the same time. It’s common for people to be overwhelmed by all of this.

Recovering from addiction takes time. Everyone struggles in this journey – don’t be too hard on yourself during this process.

Does Arizona Medicaid Cover Rehab?

Understanding Your Managed Plan

Medicaid works differently in Arizona compared to other states. In other states, if you have Medicaid, it’s just that “state Medicaid.” In Arizona, several different companies manage and distribute health plan benefits. These plans are called “managed plans.”

It might not seem so, but Mesa has many options for detox and rehab. The good news? All versions of Arizona Medicaid or AHCCCS offer coverage for substance abuse treatment!

The following AHCCCS-managed plans cover both detox, inpatient, and outpatient rehabs:

American Indian Health Program

AHCCCS is willing to cover behavioral health services at an Indian Health Service (IHS) facility, a 638 facility, or an AHCCCS registered provider accepting fee-for-service. Drug rehabs that accept American Indian Health Program exist in Mesa and surrounding areas.

Arizona Complete Health

Not only does Arizona Complete Health offer coverage for substance abuse disorders, but they will also provide you with a care manager if you need help coordinating your healthcare. Furthermore, Arizona Complete Health aims to provide easy access to behavioral health providers, including substance abuse specialists.

Banner-University Family Care

The Banner-University Family Care/AHCCCS Complete Care plan has contracts with several behavioral health providers and facilities. There is access to healthcare providers who specialize in addiction recovery within their contracts.

Care 1st Health Plan

The Care1st Health Plan believes everyone should be involved in their care, including rehab programs. They believe in the patient having both a choice and a voice, and they think they should be seen as a whole person, not a person with a problem.

Care1st encourages people to find substance abuse treatment and any other treatments they may need. Most importantly, those on the Care1st Health Plan can receive treatment for substance abuse at no cost.

Health Choice Arizona

Those who only have the HealthChoice Arizona plan living in Mesa can receive treatment within Maricopa county through the Regional Behavioral Health Authority.

Magellan Complete Care

Magellan is part of Arizona’s plan to provide easy, quick access to behavioral health services. Even better, Magellan offers access to various substance abuse providers. Some rehab centers in Mesa accept Magellan Complete Care.

Mercy Care

Most Mercy Care coverage focuses on treatment in Maricopa county, perfect if you live in Mesa! Mercy Care offers an extensive network of specialists.

These specialists will focus on prevention, intervention, treatment, and rehab. Finding a Mesa drug rehab that accepts Mercy Care is possible if you reach out.

United Healthcare Community Plan

You can receive substance abuse treatment in Mesa if you are on the AHCCCS Complete Care plan through United Healthcare’s Community Plan. We can help you find a drug rehab center in Mesa that accepts United Healthcare Community Plan.

Substance Abuse Treatment Levels of Care and Therapies Covered by AHCCCS
All AHCCCS plans cover substance abuse treatment.

When an AHCCCS drug rehab in Mesa treats a patient, they include mental health services, psychiatric care, group therapy, individual therapy, addiction treatment, and much more. Below are a few types of treatments available.

AHCCCS Inpatient Facilities in Mesa

Inpatient treatment is recommended for those suffering from severe addiction or addiction to substances with high-risk withdrawal symptoms.

During inpatient treatment, you’ll live at the facility. The facility will monitor your withdrawal and recovery.

They also provide a wide variety of therapy programs. Finding AHCCCS inpatient treatment takes making several phone calls and ensuring that beds are available.

AHCCCS Outpatient Programs Mesa 

Outpatient treatment is an option for transitioning from inpatient treatment or those less likely to experience dangerous withdrawals.

Outpatient treatment usually requires attendance several days per week. The focus is on building the skills to continue living a substance-free life. AHCCCS covers outpatient treatment for those experiencing debilitating drug and alcohol addiction issues.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Mesa

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a type of therapy used in many rehab programs. With CBT, there is a focus on changing the way your brain processes information. You’re taught to challenge your way of thinking. You also learn coping skills and how to regulate extreme emotions and cravings. CBT is often a part of inpatient and outpatient treatment processes.

Mesa Suboxone and Methadone Providers that Accept AHCCCS

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) is an option for some people struggling with addiction. It helps someone struggling with addiction to begin recovery through medications that lessen or fully eradicate cravings. Knowing that medication is one step in the recovery program is important. There are benefits to starting a therapy program and joining a 12-step program.

AHCCCS covers the following Medications:
Methadone is a long-acting medication designed to help minimize withdrawal symptoms and reduce cravings. It blocks your body from feeling the effects of an opioid if you try to use it while on methadone.

Buprenorphine is a newer medication for substance abuse treatment and helps reduce withdrawal symptoms.

Naltrexone is another medication used to help with the transition from substance abuse. However, it’s not often prescribed because of its side effects.

Ready to seek help? Have questions about addiction treatment for a loved one? Give us a call at (888) 906-0952

AHCCCS Transportation to a Drug Rehab in Mesa

Beyond treatment, AHCCCS is willing to cover transportation to and from your appointments in the Mesa area for most participants. This benefit is great for those struggling to find reliable transportation or gas money.

Substances of Abuse
AHCCCS covers drug and alcohol detox and rehab for the following substances:

Alcohol abuse
Heroin abuse
Cocaine abuse
Meth abuse
Fentanyl abuse
MDMA Ectasy Abuse
and more.

Get Connected With An AHCCCS Rehab Facility Today

If you need help or guidance looking for a treatment center close to your home, you can contact us. We have knowledgeable specialists who help guide you to a treatment facility near you.

The sooner you get started on your path to recovery, the sooner you will feel the accomplishment of being sober. It may not feel like it right now, but you can regain control over your impulses.

Don’t Wait to Get help!

Addiction treatment, recovery, and insurance plans can be challenging to navigate on your own. This is especially true if this is your first time looking into receiving treatment. However, you don’t have to navigate these uncharted waters alone.

We have specialists available by phone at 1-888-906-0952 to help make finding treatment as simple as possible. Don’t let the overwhelming amount of insurance jargon scare you away from receiving treatment. Reach out to learn about available recovery programs. We can help you find an AHCCCS drug rehab facility.

Another option you may want to consider is traveling to other cities surrounding Mesa, AZ, such as Phoenix or Scottsdale. Learn more about the amazing recovery communities that exist in Phoenix.

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