AHCCCS Approved Alcohol Rehab Programs [Phoenix]

Alcohol addiction causes a tremendous amount of pain and devastation. When a person begins the search to start recovery, they often find themselves confused about what alcohol detox and rehab programs are covered by Arizona Medicaid, otherwise known as AHCCCS.

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AHCCCS Approved Alcohol Detox

The first step in getting help for alcohol addiction is detox. Alcohol is one of the most difficult substances to stop using. Remember, you should never attempt to detox from alcohol alone at home. Medical supervision is always needed for alcohol detox.

Once you’ve decided to begin the recovery process, you will want to find an AHCCCS-approved alcohol detox center. The good news is that many alcohol rehabs are AHCCCS-approved.

If you’re looking to ask general questions about getting admitted to an AHCCCS alcohol detox program in Phoenix, start here or for immediate help, call us at (888)906-0952.

AHCCCS Approved Inpatient Alcohol Rehab Programs in Phoenix

If you’re serious about recovery, inpatient alcohol rehab is an absolute must after completing detox. The good news is that many AHCCCS-approved rehab programs have detox and inpatient.

When the treatment center you choose also has an inpatient alcohol rehab program, you do not have to move from center to center.

Inpatient rehab stays vary depending on several factors. The first is the complexity of your addiction if you have underlying mental health issues that need to be addressed and what length of stay AHCCCS will cover.

Your rehab treatment team will be responsible for ensuring that you get the length of stay you need based on what they learn about you. To find an inpatient alcohol rehab center that accepts AHCCCS reach out today.

We have over a decade of experience helping people recover from alcohol and drug addictions.

AHCCCS Approved Outpatient Rehab in Phoenix

Inpatient treatment for alcohol abuse does not fit everyone. If you have practical and financial responsibilities that you cannot leave for a long period, you will want to go with outpatient treatment.

Finding an AHCCCS-approved outpatient rehab in Phoenix is not as difficult as it may seem. AHCCCS covers outpatient alcohol rehab, including all programs such as individual therapy, group therapy, and more.




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