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  • Individual Focused: Our primary focus is individual needs and their journey through recovery. We know that every recovery journey is different.
  • Learning: Providing evidence-based content and resources for those struggling to learn about addiction, recovery, mental health, and more. 
  • Integrity: Providing resources for evidence-based substance abuse treatment built on principles of honesty and personal accountability.
  • Genuine Care: Industry-leading lifetime guarantee for patients that graduate our program.
  • PassionInspiring those who struggle to stay in recovery long-term and reach their full potential in life.

Addiction Treatment

ABTRS realizes that there isn’t a one treatment fits all approach to recovery. That is why we provide resources and educational content on treatment strategies that have been proven to work. These types of substance abuse treatment that show promise include equine, music, art, yoga, cognitive behavioral therapy, individual, group and family therapy. Experienced Treatment Consultants can help you decide what treatment will be the best suited for your individual needs.


While rehab isn’t a day at the spa, it should becomfortable and safe. We understand how addiction can rob you of the basic necessities of life. We work with reputable rehab facilities designed to create an atmosphere of care, respect and promote the journey into recovery.

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