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Addiction as a Family Disease

Although one person suffers with an addiction to substances, the loved ones around him or her are significantly impacted. We watch our cherished loved one disappear before our very eyes, only to be replaced by characteristics that can be manipulative and isolated. The energy of the household is spent saving your loved one, rather than enjoying his or her company. That’s why effective treatment programs include family therapy. The goal of family-centered treatment programs is to strengthen family units.

Why Can’t They Just Stop

We’ve seen it time and time again. Desperate parents beg their sons and daughters to stop buying more alcohol. Spouses don’t understand why their loved ones won’t stop taking so many pills. But the truth is, addiction is a cerebral disease. The addicted brain is chemically altered to require these substances in order to continue functioning. However, addiction is treatable. Learn more about the control the brain has over the rest of the body when it’s addicted to substances.

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