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  • Personalized treatment and therapy sessions to address the root of the problem.
  • Evidenced-based treatment methods that will ensure long-term recovery.
  • Effective treatment methods for addressing co-occurring disorders.
  • One-on-one therapy sessions that provide confidence upon completion.

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A Better Today Recovery Services is here to help you recover from your addiction. If you are seeking detox and rehab plans, then please call us today. Getting back to living a clean and sober life is possible if you are willing to makes changes. Let us help you get your life back on tracks. Rehab is a much better option than prison or death. If you call now, you will speak with a treatment specialists who can help you get started.

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Too many people who need help with a substance abuse problem refuse to seek professional treatment because they think they are in too deep. Drug addiction and alcoholism are terrible diseases that claim lives daily. Do not let guilt and shame overshadow your willingness to call us. You are never in too deep, if you are willing to fight back against your addiction, then change is possible.

A Better Today Recovery Services is here to offer our services to people who need help coping with an addiction. Our modern rehab methods are used for each client to have their own personalized rehab plan. Everyone has different needs when it comes to substance abuse treatment, with a personalized plan you can hit your addiction from every angle. We are here to help you make the choice to enroll into a long-term inpatient rehab plan.

Please call now to speak with a substance abuse specialist who can address any questions, comments, or concerns about the recovery process. Do not ever feel trapped by your addiction, rehab can always be an option. If you are not in Nevada, Arizona or Portland, please call us anyway. If traveling for rehab does not work for you, ABTRS’s committed staff will still help you find the help you need.

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Most Private Insurance Accepted
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Detox and

The idea of going through a detox and experiencing withdrawal is a reason why many addicts continue to use. At ABTRS in Las Vegas, the pain and discomfort that is associated with withdrawal is managed medically to ensure the utmost comfort during the detox process.

Drug and
Alcohol Rehab

At A Better Today Recovery Services in Arcadia, AZ our primary purpose is to provide our clients with the tools and coping skills that are necessary for living a life in recovery. We employ Master’s Level or higher educated therapists that specialize in addiction that will guide you through rehabilitation.


Many addicts or alcoholics are in denial about how bad their problem is. If you have a family member that refuses to see how their behavior is damaging their lives and the lives of those around them, an intervention can be a useful tool in getting them to recognize they need help.

Dr. Kelle English

Clinical Director

“I don’t like it when anything has too much control over us, so it is important for me to help people repair their families and relationships and get their life back. Having had close people to me who struggled with substance abuse has allowed me to see the impact that substances can have on people and their families.”  

A treatment center is only as good as its staff.

A Better Today Recovery Services prides itself on its people. ABTRS has its own full time doctors and all its therapists are Master’s Level, or higher, education in addiction counseling and co-occurring disorders.

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