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How Can Substance Abuse Interventions Help Your Family?

If your loved one is struggling in active addiction, you might feel overwhelmed and powerless. Their addiction is escalating and you are worried about their future. You may have mustered the courage to confront them about their drug or alcohol abuse only to be met with lies and denial. Now, more than ever, you need help. Not only finding a reliable substance abuse treatment center but convincing your loved one that treatment is the right decision for their growing addiction.

An intervention is a planned event where loved ones convey their message of love and concern to someone who is actively abusing drugs and alcohol. This event can be hosted by a loved one or an interventionist. The most effective interventions are often structured to defuse potential problems, and offer quick and direct solutions when it comes to getting them into treatment before they use again.

Unfortunately, convincing a loved one to embrace sobriety is not that easy and often drives the person to leave frustrated and looking to get high. To ensure an intervention goes well, families will look to an interventionist to plan and guide the intervention as well as arrange plans for their loved one to go to a suitable drug and alcohol rehab.

An intervention not only offers a solution of seeking substance abuse treatment, but it also provides closure to family members. Interventions can be the first step in healing family relationships that are stretched thin due to the loved ones destructive behaviors in active addiction. In many ways, intervention is the first step toward a healthy lifestyle in recovery.