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Learn How 60 Day Rehab Could Work for You

Addiction recovery is a challenging journey to take, especially when you’re confronted with an endless amount of options Finding a recovery plan that meets your unique needs is the first step towards recovery. If you’re ready to see if a 60-day treatment program could work for you, read on to learn more.

Why Choose 60 Day Rehab?

60-day rehab exists between the shorter 30-day treatment program and the extended 90-day program.  60 day or 2-month rehab programs offer many of the same things as more extended treatment plans.

60-day treatment plans are an ideal program length for patients who can’t commit to extended periods in treatment. 60-day treatment plans are a great mix between shorter and longer treatments. You’ll get more care in 60-day treatment than a 30-day one, which means you’ll have a longer time to soak in therapy and go through the process of healing in a safe environment.

There are many reasons why you could choose a 60 Day rehab program, but keep in mind that longer rehab stays are proven most effective. The best way to determine if a 60-day treatment plan is best for you is to get a consultation. If you call now, you can speak directly to an admissions specialist completely free and confidential.

What Happens in a 60 Day Rehab Program?

A 60-day program gives patients a chance to reset their lives and to clear their heads. It’s a chance to begin the healing process with little to no distractions from the outside work. An inpatient is always a great option for patients because they will have continued access to medical and mental health specialists.

In a 60-day program, you will have a set schedule of programming. This can be anything from individual, group, family therapy, and more. Patients are given a chance to get back in touch with themselves and transform their thinking patterns with helpful therapies such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) or Dialectic Behavioral Therapy (DBT). Keep in mind that you won’t spend every minute of the day in active treatment. You’ll have recreational time as well as time to relax by yourself.

60 Day Program Aftercare

The main goal of recovery is to help you begin the lifelong process of recovery. With this in mind, you’ll learn new ways of thinking about yourself and your life, develop coping mechanisms when there are addiction triggers, and figure out strategies to rebuild your life without drugs.

Aftercare will continue your commitment to your recovery. One of the best things to do in aftercare is to continue participating in group therapy or a recovery program. Studies show that having a group of peers related to your struggles is an immensely powerful tool to help stay the course. It’s essential to attend aftercare group and therapy meetings.

Recovery programs like the 12 step programs, SMART Recovery, or Celebrate Recovery can help keep patients on the right track and recovery-minded after they get out of 60-day rehab.

How Will I Pay for 60-day Treatment?

Once it’s decided that you or someone you love needs treatment, you’ll then need to consider how to cover the costs.

Rehabs Private Insurance

The first is through private insurance. Like Cigna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and United Healthcare Community, private insurances can offer partial or full treatment coverage. The coverages will depend entirely upon your specific plan.

Medicaid (AHCCCS) or Medicare

If private insurance is not an option for you, Medicare or Medicaid could be the answer. In Arizona, the Medicaid program is AHCCCS. You may be eligible for this health insurance option and there are some rehab centers that can even apply for you after you get into treatment. AHCCCS will cover at least part of your treatment and may also cover related costs such as transportation, special needs, and childcare.

Rehab Financing or Payment Plans

Finally, if nothing else will work for you, most rehab centers will be able to create a payment plan for you. Additionally, many offer a sliding fee scale, meaning they’ll set what you owe compared to your financial situation.

However you get it paid for, there’s no reason not to start recovery. If you are struggling with how to pay, call us today. We have specialists that will be able to help guide you to the right decision for you.


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Choosing the Path of Recovery

Figuring out if a 60-day treatment plan is right for you is the first step to choosing the path to recovery. You do not have to go through this challenge alone. Whether you’re searching for treatment for yourself or a loved one, we can help make it happen. Call us today!